Goose Island’s Bourbon County at Chuck’s Hop Shop

bourbon cnty coffeeAs part of Goose Islands Migration Week taking place here in Seattle, Chuck’s Hop Shop will be hosting events at both their Greenwood and Central District locations this Tuesday (9/2). On tap will be their Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout, one of the finest beers you’ll ever get to try. Additionally, Chuck’s will have a limited number of bottles available for purchase. If you know anything about Goose Island’s Bourbon County offerings then you know how difficult they are to come by (check out the video at the end of this post). If you’ve never gotten to try this beer then this is an opportunity that cannot be passed up.

From Chuck’s Hop Shop FB Event Page:

Calling all barrel-aged beer fans! We are going to be tapping Goose Island Beer Co. Bourbon County Brand Stout Coffee, releasing some limited bottles and tapping some of our favorite year-round beers!

We will be tapping Bourbon County Brand Stout Coffee, releasing a limited number of bottles and tapping some year-round classics. Join the flock! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to sample one of the finest barrel-aged stouts on the market!

Greenwood event begins at 4PM and Central District at 7PM.

To help put into perspective how awesome this is, check out the video from 2013 Black Friday (nickname for the release date of Bourbon County).

Husky Fans In Hawai’i

College Football has finally dawned upon us! And if you are a fan like me, then you are also super excited for the season to being and see how the new playoff system will play out. And as an alum of the University of Washington, I am more excited to see The Washington Huskies take on the Hawaii Warriors in my home state of Hawaii! Not only that, they will be playing at Aloha Stadium in Oahu, which is just 4 blocks away from the neighborhood that I lived in all my life! This is an exciting season for the Huskies as this will be the first game under new Head Coach, Chris Petersen! As the Huskies try and win the Pac-12 this year, I know a lot of huskies fans will be traveling to Hawaii to enjoy a piece of paradise. 

Their will be lots of alumni traveling to Oahu for the game and there is a huge amount of UW alumni based in Oahu. Here is a link to the UW alumni page with information on where you can find Huskies In Hawaii. For those of you who have down time before or after the game and plan on staying a few extra days, here are some great places that we recommend to get great beers, burgers, and a little taste of hawaiian food and culture!

Here are some Breweries that we recommend:

Honolulu Beerworks: Honolulu Beerworks is a new micro brewery that sprung up on Oahu in the past year. I personally have not been to this place, but I heard really great things. They currently have 9 beers on tap and they sell $2 tasters for a 4oz serving. This place has outdoor seating for that perfect Hawaii weather and they also have nice wood furniture in their taproom to give that rustic, brewery vibe. This place also serves food incase you are hungry.

Kona Brewing Company: Kona Brewing Company is a Hawaii staple. Most of you may have heard about them and may have even drank some of their beer. The original brewery is located on the Big Island in Kona. Luckily, back in 2003 they opened one on Oahu, right on the water in the town of Hawaii Kai, located on the east side of the island. They currently have 5 different beers that they mass-produce and some others that they experiment with (you will have to check out the brewery to see what they are). If you get a chance to go to the Big Island, definitely check out the brewery, but if you can’t and the brewery on Oahu is just as good.

Pint and Jigger: Pint and Jigger is a restaurant with awesome beers on tap. They have 21 beers on tap and they all rotate. This is an awesome place if you just want to hang out and get a nice pint of your favorite beer from around the country. They also have awesome food and burgers here, hence why we like this place! Located in the Ala Moana area, this is an easy place to get if you are near town-side.

Here is our recommendation on place get great burger:

Seven Brothers Burgers: I go back and fourth with this place and Teddy’s as the best burger place on the island. Located on the North-side of the island in a town called Laie’, this place has burgers that will blow you away. Their signature burgers are out of this world. All have some crazy twist and they are huge burgers. This place never disappoints. Come here with a huge appetite otherwise you won’t finish the burger. I recommend try the Cowboy, the Spencer, and the Bruce Irons! And don’t forget to try the Paniolo fires. I will not tell you whats on it because I want you to find out yourself! This place will leave you mind blown!

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers: Teddy’s Bigger Burgers is just that, a bigger burger!! With patty sizes ranging from 5-9oz, you will be sure to get enough food. You can also get two 9oz patties if you’d like! This place is more traditional burger joint. You build your own burger and top it with the amazing toppings that they have. The reason I have a hard time deciding weather Teddy’s or Seven Brothers is because Teddy’s does something to their burgers that keeps me going back, more so that Seven Brothers. With 9 locations scattered around the island, you will have an easy time getting to this place and I will let you be the judge of the on who is better!

Kua-aina Sandwiches: Located steps from Ala Moana Beach, you can find Kua-ain’s. This place has amazing burger and they always have fresh and tasty toppings. I like that they do grilled onions instead of caramelized onions because it can get too sweet. The reason I like this place is because they also have sandwiches; sometimes you want to take a break from a burger and get a good turkey sandwich. They also server salads for those of you who want to keep that beach body. Whatever you feel like eating, this place is a great place to get a good food fix!

I know we are a beer and burger blog, but I would not be doing the Hawaiian people justice if I did not mention a few other places to get food other than burgers.

Street Side Inn: With multiple locations on the island, you will be in love once you fins this place. The people and staff are so friendly and they will also make you feel at home. Now, the food! Every time I go to this place, I have to get the Side Style Fried Chicken and Side Style Fried Rice. These two things is all you ever need. This fried chicken will make you think why you ate other friend chickens. The portion are huge because it’s a family-style serving so share if you want. They also have many other great things worth trying like the Isle Style Short Ribs. This place also has a beer that specially brewed for them called Side Street Inn Ale from Rouge Brewery in Oregon. I also recommend you try this beer!

Ono Seafood: If you are looking for great Poke, then this is the place. Traditional Poke, pronounced “POH-kay” or “POH-ki”, is cube raw fish, most the time ahi (tuna) and it is mixed with soy sauce or sea salt. Ono Seafood takes the Poke to the next level. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest trying the Hawaiian Style first and then try all the other ones. If you like raw fish and sushi, you will love this place!

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck: If you are driving on the North Shore of the island, you will see many shrimp trucks and shrimp stand. Well I’m here to tell you that there is only ONE that you should go to and the is Giovanni’s! This place has the best garlic shrimp $10 can buy! I promise you that you love this place so much that you will go back before your trip is over! The truck is covered with people’s names and drawings from around the world, so you cannot miss it. If you want, we will be more than happy for you guys to bring back some of the shrimp for us!

I wish I could tell you more awesome places to get food on the beautiful island of Hawai’i, but i would just keep writing and writing. I hope you find all these places and have time to check them out because I know you will enjoy all of them! So as an Alum of UW, I have to root for my Huskies, but I will always be a Warrior at heart. Please feel free to contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or out Blog if you want more recommendations. I will gladly respond with more! Mahalo and GO HUSKIES! BOW DOWN!!!

Ales for ALS Release at Fremont Brewing this Weekend

alesforals1By this point we imagine that most of you have been called out in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in support of The ALS Association, or if you haven’t been called out then you at least know what we’re talking about. While we wholeheartedly support anything that raises awareness and much needed funding to combat this horrible neurodegenerative disease, not everyone is overly-enthused about drenching themselves in freezing cold water. Thankfully with the support of Loftus Ranches, Hopunion, and many breweries around the nation, there is an alternative for those who want to participate in the raising of awareness and funds without taking an ice bath – Ales for ALS. Ales for ALS allows people the opportunity to raise a pint while supporting the search for a cure. Fremont Brewing was one such brewery participating in this program and this weekend they are holding a release party for their Ales for ALS beer. First we’ll tell you about the event taking place at Fremont Brewing Company and then we’ll give you some information on the Ales for ALS program.

Fremont Brewing Company Ales for ALS Release Party:

This Saturday (8/30, 11AM – 3PM) Fremont Brewing will be hosting a release party for their Ales for ALS beer. In addition to their own brew, they’ll be tapping Ales for ALS beers from fellow WA state breweries: Pike, Bale Breaker, Mt. Tabor, Two Beers, and Triplehorn. Proceeds from the sale of these beers will go to benefit research into a cure for ALS and to help those living with the disease today. This event will be an excellent opportunity to support the battle against ALS, especially for those of you who have been ducking the challenges from your friends (and we know a few of you!). Perhaps you’ll even be able to get away with chugging a beer or two in lieu of taking an ice bath.

Saturday’s lineup of Ales for ALS beers will include:

  • Fremont Brewing: Ales for ALS Kolsch-Style Ale
  • Pike: No. 4 Session IPA
  • Bale Breaker: Bubba’s Brew, Session IPA
  • Mt. Tabor: Little Dutch Boy ISA
  • Triplehorn: “4” Ales for ALS, Cascadian Dark Ale
  • Two Beers: Fresh Hop Ale, Fresh Hop IPA

Ales for ALS:

Loftus Ranches and Hopunion created Ales for ALS to support a very worthy cause – ALS research. They offered participating brewers access to a proprietary hop blend, free of charge, in exchange for participation in Ales for ALS. Each brewery created their own special beers with these hops. Brewery proceeds from sales will be donated to ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s leader in ALS research.

About the ALS Therapy Development Institute:

The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is the world’s leading ALS research organization and aims to discover and develop effective treatments and a cure for ALS. Built by and for patients, the Cambridge, MA based drug development institute operates as a 501c3 nonprofit: combining the optimal entrepreneurial practices of a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company with the passion and urgency of a nonprofit mission. For more information, please visit us online at

What is ALS?

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease)
  • Progressive neurodegenerative disease leading to paralysis caused by the death of motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain
  • No known cure for the disease
  • The average person survives only 2-5 years following diagnosis
  • ~5,000 people in the US are diagnosed with ALS each year
  • ~30,000 people in the US living with ALS today
  • Current worldwide population with ALS ~450,000

There will be plenty of room for all of the supporters who want to come out for the event. Fremont Brewing recently expanded their outdoor beer garden and they’re currently working on an expansion on the inside as well. So we hope to see a big turnout this Saturday!

Burger Meets Mac and Cheese

So what happens when you put mac and cheese on a burger??? The world stops! And that is exactly what Li’l Woody’s did to many people. This past week, Li’l Woody’s did a collaboration burger with the Seattle’s famous Beecher’s Cheese to create this amazing burger.


The original burger comprised of a 1/3 lb. burger patty, Beecher’s Mac and Cheese and Beecher’s No Women Cheese, Bacon, garnished with green onions and mayo. However, when I got there they were all out of the No Women Cheese, so I got Tillamook Cheddar instead.

The Mac and Cheese was phenomenal, which I expected because it’s Beecher’s. By putting the mac and cheese on the flat-top grill, it crisped up the cheese to give it a nice crunchy texture to compliment the creaminess and richness of the mac and cheese. (I love when you crisp up cheese!) They added just enough mayo to not over power the flavor of the mac and cheese and to help continue the creamy texture.

The mac and cheese would oozed on the burger patty, reminding you that you were eating a burger. The burger patty itself was good. It was a little over-cooked for my likings, but it didn’t take away much. The bacon, cheddar cheese, and mac and cheese kind of help the slightly dry burger patty by having all its creaminess running on to it.

Overall, this was an excellent and unique burger! Definitely one of the tastiest ones I’ve had. I wish they would of added just a little bit more mac and cheese, but that’s just because I love Beecher’s mac and cheese (what Seattleite doesn’t!). I’m looking forward to see what kind of collaboration Li’l Woody’s will do next, but in the meantime, I will be eating there other burgers of the week and try some of their other signature burgers, like The Fig and The Pig, which has Boat Street pickled figs, Hills Bacon, mayo and crumbled gorgonzola cheese! Li’l Woody’s, keep doing what you’re doing! I gave the Li’l Woody’s Beecher’s Mac and Cheese Burger 4-stars! Burger 4 Star

Today’s Events (8/28)

Here is a brief list of things you might be interested in today around Seattle:

Ninkasi Tap Takeover at The Beer Junction

ninkasiTomorrow (8/28 5-8PM) Ninkasi Brewing, out of Eugene (OR), will be visiting The Beer Junction for a tap takeover event. They’ll be bringing along their Nuptiale Cream Ale, Double Latte Milk Stout (produced in conjunction with Sierra Nevada as part of Beer Camp), a vintage 2010 Critical Hit Barley Wine, as well as a standard and a tropical fruit randalled version of their Summer IPA – Maiden The Shade. Ninkasi, one of the most well known breweries in the NW, is definitely one of our favorites and their Tricerahops Double IPA is right near the top of the list for our favorite NW IPAs. You won’t want to miss this event!

From the Ninkasi event page on FB:

Join us August 28th for an evening of Ninkasi beers and Ninkasi shenanigans. We’ll have some rad beers pouring including Nuptiale Cream Ale, Sierra collab brew Double Latte Milk Stout, 2010 Critical Hit Barley Wine and more! Come kick it with Ryan Brentley who I’m fairly certain will buy you a beer or maybe even break dance a bit for you. The man is just that epic.

A little about the offerings from Ninkasi (Try all 5 for $4)

Nuptiale Cream Ale – Inspired by human rituals of love, Nuptiale was first brewed in celebration of a Ninkasi wedding. This beer is a straw-hued cream ale with a rich, creamy mouthfeel and smooth drinkability. A lighter-bodied Ninkasi offering, it is for celebrating the loves in our life and our love of life. Light, crisp malt aroma with a bright refreshing hop finish. Apricots, mango, and fruity hop presence. Flaked barley lends a toasty oat malt flavor and creamy finish. ABV: 5.7%

Double Latte Milk Stout – Produced in collaboration with Sierra Nevada Brewing as part of their Beer Camp series. This stout is brewed with coffee from the fantastic Stumptown Coffee Roasters along with milk sugar. Tastes rich and roasted, just like cold-pressed coffee and cream, with added hints of milk chocolate and sharp roasted grains. ABV: 7.6%

2010 Critical Hit Barley Wine – In the Ninkasi tradition, this barley wine is hopped to high heaven! Critical Hit has a rich, malty expression but the 11 varieties of hops linger on the palate. Three-hundred and thirty pounds of hops were used to brew this beer! Its high gravity nature warms the cheeks and soul. Pull out your 20-sided die — Critical Hit does double damage so you might have to roll versus save if you take this ale for granted. ABV: 10.4%

Maiden The Shade – In salute to the playful side of summer, we had fun with this beer! Maiden the Shade has a big, robust hop character from the liberal use of eight different hop varieties. It’s completed with a light-colored malt backbone to stay in balance. This beer has been dubbed a summer IPA. Big powerful combinations of many different kinds of hops give a big hop profile. We added flaked barley to the beer to make for the smooth body and lighter summer-style IPA. Another Ninkasi cult favorite! ABV: 6.8%

Maiden The Shade -Randalled version with starfruit, passionfruit, papaya, and more!

Fremont Brewing Harvest Ale Release Party

HARVESTALEEvent Info from Fremont Brewing:

Harvest Ale Release Party – Thursday (8/28) 5-9pm

Fremont Brewing Urban Beer Garden

Come celebrate the release of our fall seasonal, Harvest Ale! We’ll have five infusions on tap:

  • Dandelion & Cranberry
  • Huckleberry
  • Mint, Lime, and Ginger
  • Chamomile and Lemon
  • Cucumber and Thyme

At 7pm, we’ll be doing a casual tasting and Q&A with one of our brewers. Fall into a Harvest Ale.