Seattle Beer Week – Final Day – My Liver Hurts!

liverWe made it! At least we hope so. Another year and another Seattle Beer Week is just about in the books. Today is a day to look back and reminisce about events attended, beers drank, friends made, possibly friends lost (pour out a Rainier for those not up to the SBW challenge), and just relax. Today isn’t a day for stouts or sours, double IPAs, or some other high ABV delight. Grab something easy, a session ale, wheat beer, some kind of lager or pilsner, then just sit back and drink to your Seattle Beer Week glory. Be proud of yourself for making it through and be glad it won’t happen again for another 350ish days. 

It’s been fun taking this journey with you. See you all at the next pint!

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SBW – Day 10 Events – The Penultimate

SBW7Well, friends, we’re hitting that melancholy point in the 2015 Seattle Beer Week. It’s the final weekend. In short order we’ll be waiting nearly another whole year for the fun to begin again. So enjoy it while it lasts! 

Here are some of the top events for today:

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Bodacious Beverages Brewfest – Tap List

Beveridge_Place_Pub1What a BODACIOUS way to spend the last Friday of Seattle Beer Week 2015: 

Beveridge Place Pub’s Bodacious Beverages Brewfest! 

As many unusual beers as they can come up with – odd ones, rare ones, new ones, etc.  Barrel-aged brews, sour beers, hoppy beers, fruit & spice beers, and dessert beers!

Here’s the tap list of all the offerings for today’s event:

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SBW – Bodacious Day 9 Events

SBW7Finally, after slogging through the week and tempering our Seattle Beer Week activities it’s time to get back to it. Here are just a few of the highlights from all of today’s options:

2PM – Bodacious Beverages Fest at Beveridge Place Pub:

As many unusual beers as we can come up with. Odd ones, rare ones, new ones, etc. Barrel-aged brews, sour beers, fruit & spice beers, and more! Taster trays encouraged!

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Pucker Up! SBW – Day 8 Events

Sour Fest 2015 poster jpegToday is one of the most popular days of Seattle Beer Week, especially for those sour beer lovers amongst us. The main attraction, Sourfest at Brouwer’s Cafe, is sure to be the focus of many people’s SBW plans for the day. However, there are still plenty of other events worth mentioning from Reuben’s, Naked City, Toronado, Bottleworks, Georgetown Brewing, and the Washington Brewshed Alliance. Let’s check them out:

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SBW – Day 7 Events

BacktoTheFutureIs your week dragging on? Can’t believe it’s only Wednesday? Well we have the cure for your hump-day blues! Here are a few Seattle Beer Week events to cheer you up:

4PM – Bear Republic Night at Noble Fir:

Join the folks from Bear Republic for a night of special beers.
Featured beers: Bourbon Barrel Heritage, Cuvee de Bubba, Old St. Chango, Prickly Pear Black Ale, Hop Shovel IPA, Apex

5PM – “Back to the Future” Collaboration at Fremont Brewing Company:

Fremont-Breakside “Back to the Future” Collaboration Event at the Fremont Brewing Urban Beer Garden.

6PM – Oregon Night at Naked City Taphouse:

Meet some of Oregon’s raddest brewers, including Jamie Floyd, founder of Ninkasi. Jamie and Naked City’s head brewer Don Webb are collaborating on a special beer just for this night: Sister Midnight Black Saison, a black Saison brewed with black cardamom.

Talk hops with with an all-star cast of brewers while tasting wood aged and deliciously odd beers from many of Oregon’s finest breweries.


SBW Day 6 Events – Meet Us at The Troll

cyhmrHere we are folks, halfway through Seattle Beer Week! Hopefully you’ve heeded our advice and are ready for a final push through the last 6 days. If you’re reading this post then it’s likely you’re still with us. So let’s keep it rolling!

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