Welcome to the Brew Crew

Two burger and brew loving guys from the east coast living in Seattle. Joey and Matt, also known as the “Burger and Brew Crew,” have spent a great deal of their young lives seeking out the tastiest patties and suds. Their passionate pursuit of the burger began nearly a decade ago; as two high school graduates they spent countless hours flipping their own concoctions on the grill, every day was an opportunity to create something new, always striving to make the perfect burger. Since that time these guys have consumed innumerable amounts of patties in a myriad of venues throughout the US.  As many college student who turn 21, Joey and Matt realized a love for beer as well. This opened a whole new palate-pleasing world to them. From that point forward they approached burgers and beers as a perfectly complementary tandem. Today they find themselves living in one of the greatest cities where one can grab that delicious bun-sandwiched patty or pint full of delicious suds. The “Crew” will be flipping their knowledge of the best burgers and pouring reviews of the best brews in the greater Seattle area so that you too can one day be known as a “Burger and Brew Crew” member.

Remember, with great burger comes tasty brew.


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