Buns Food Truck

Recently my office at a large technology company in Redmond, WA moved from one building to another. The building that we used to be in had a cafeteria on the top floor, the new one, not so much. This new building is in an area with a couple others and shares a communal cafeteria. As we were made aware approximately 1 week before moving, that communal cafeteria is undergoing a renovation. Thus the solution was to bring in a fleet of food trucks each day along with a stationary salad bar tent.

One of the food trucks that is a regular happened to be a burger truck, Buns (http://bunsonwheels.com/). While I was skeptical at first, as I had never had a burger out of a truck (only pizza mainly in Milwaukee: http://streetza.com/) I was pleasantly surprised with the result afterwards. I figured if they had been rated one of the top burgers in Seattle by Thrillist (http://www.thrillist.com/SEA/2011_favorite_burgers) then they earned at least a taste.

Buns cooks the burgers on the spot after you order. This makes the burgers very fresh, and toppings customizable. The down-side of this being that there is typically a wait once the high point of lunch comes rolling around, about 12:30. That being the case, the line can be circumvented by ordering online on their website, and walking up to the truck and pressing what looks like a doorbell. This allows for your food to be ready when you come to the truck (or a shorter wait) and you don’t have to mingle around the truck. While there are many different burgers on the menu I decided to go with the “Classy” (http://bunsonwheels.com/burgers.html). To keep up with the fad of the internet, I decided to add bacon to my burger for an extra $1.50.

The burger was cooked with care, and had a small amount of juice as I bit into it. When ordering I was surprised that they did not ask how I wanted it cooked (I’m a medium-well type of guy), but it came out done almost perfectly. The flavor was very good, as the meat was very tender. Having the additional bacon really added some flavor to the otherwise pretty plain burger. Included on the Classy is also “Buns Sauce” which was not really too apparent, and just slightly coated on the bun. I would have liked more “Buns Sauce” and been able to get the full flavor that seemed to be an almost Thousand Island dressing base.

All things considered, coming out of a truck, and getting the most plain burger on the menu, I would have to rate this 3.5/5 burgers.

I would definitely try Buns again, and go for something with more flavor.

If you are curious about Buns and where you can find them, visit the calendar on their site: http://bunsonwheels.com/find-us.html

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