Microbrew in a Bottle: Fremont 77 Select

While I do enjoy going to the closest waterhole for a nice cold beverage, it is also sometimes nice to relax at home and enjoy one as well. Thus, last Thursday night I decided that I wanted to have a brew. After some self-deliberation I decided to go to my local Whole Foods Market and look at their selection of microbrews. Shortly after getting to the beer aisle, post meandering around and eating the samples (you know you do it to), I was pleasantly surprise about the selection that was in front of me.

Even though I had previously enjoyed it off the tap, the Fremont Brewery’s – Fremont Select 77 (http://www.fremontbrewing.com/43/the-beer.html) caught my eye. I am not sure if it was the pretty red writing that 77 was dramatically shown in on the bottle, or the fact that it was a good price at $3.99 for the bomber bottle, but I decided to bring it home to enjoy. Like the good Milwaukee’n that I had become, I knew that there needed to be something to compliment my beer. After a little more browsing, I came across the fresh baked pretzels and instantly knew that one would go perfectly with the beer.

Like it was off the tap the beer was very smooth and aromatic. I am not a huge fan of beer with extreme hops and tend to stay away from the IPAs, but the Fremont 77 is different. Instead of the strong hoppy aroma that is constant from most IPAs, the 77 is much more mild, with a little bit of a sweet smell. The pour was almost perfect with a little bit of head on top and the first taste was pleasing to my previously dry mouth. As expected the pretzel went very well with the beer, complimenting each sip with a slight taste of salt and butter.

Overall I would have to rate the beer 4/5 stars.

I would definitely enjoy it again, and you should too if you have a chance. Look for it on tap as well, as many establishments in the Seattle area tend to carry it.

Additional Note: RateBeer.com rates it at 75. Pretty good! (http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/fremont-77-select-spring-session-ipa/164408/)


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