An Easy Sunday Afternoon with Fremont Brewing’s Wandering Wheat


Sitting around on a Sunday afternoon watching the wrap up of the college basketball regular season I felt like enjoying a local microbrew. Although it was a bit brisk out and certainly nowhere near summer I really felt like having a nice light beer. Thankfully during my last trip to Fremont Brewing I had picked up a growler of Wandering Wheat (, a beer I had enjoyed off the tap while I was there.

Fremont Brewing bills their Wandering Wheat as “an invigorating unfiltered ale with a sweet, bready taste, subdued hoppiness and trademark cloudy appearance.” I would have to say that this description is fairly spot on. The beer poured nice and smooth out of the growler with a light amount of head and golden body. It’s an easy drinking wheat beer with a slight crisp citrus taste to it and no overwhelming hoppiness whatsoever. Wandering Wheat checks in at 4.5% ABV.

This was a very good beer and fairly spot on with respect to what I desired at the time. Wandering Wheat can be enjoyed year round at Fremont Brewing for $4 per pint and a growler can be yours to take home for $8, if you bring your own to be filled ($7 for an empty growler onsite).

This is a beer that I have enjoyed in the past and will certainly be enjoying again in the future, especially as the summer months draw closer.



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