Brew on Sale: Pyramid Thunderhead IPA

The weather in Washington was being very fickle today and I thought what better way to relax and forget about it than with a nice micro-brew while watching the “First Round” games of the NCAA Tournament. After all, I needed to watch anyways to see who my alma mater Marquette would be playing in their match-up, so why not enjoy a brew while doing so. Go MU!

After deciding that I felt like a brew, or two, I went to my local Safeway grocery store. The selection was quite impressive (I will take a picture the next time I go and show it) and I was very pleased to see many options. I looked at a couple of different beers, and finally decided on a few from Pyramid brewing including the Thunderhead IPA ( They were on sale for $2.99 each, a bargain for a microbrew any day.

As I previously said in an earlier post ( I am not typically an IPA type of guy. With that note, the Thunderhead IPA was very hoppy on first taste, and that kind of put me off. I am not one to waste a good beer though, so I went back again and finished off the glass. The flavor continued to get a little sweeter, but still had an interesting floral aroma to it with each sip. Also, as with the first sip, the aftertaste that lingered throughout the entire beer was a little bitter and very hoppy. I am not a huge fan of this, but this sometimes is a strong draw for others. The beer was not as easy going down, which was not something that I had anticipated.

All things considered, my dislike for IPAs, the tantalizing floral aroma, and the very hoppy taste and finish, I would have to personally rate this beer 6.7% ABV beer a 3/5 stars.

Not sure this would be my first pick next time, but definitely a good change of pace for me.  If you’re an IPA person though, I would definitely give this a try.


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