Blue Moon Burgers – El Diablo Azul (A Blue Devil that Doesn’t Lose to Lehigh)


As my burger-devouring/suds-sipping cohort mentioned in “Blue Moon Burgers – A New Experience” I have long been a fan of Blue Moon Burgers. Part of this stems from the fact that it was the first burger I ate in the state of Washington. However, the primary reason I am a fan is that they flip one of the best burgers I’ve had, not just in the city but one of the best I’ve had period.

Most times when I find myself at Blue Moon Burgers I create my own concoction from their wide variety of potential toppings, cheeses, and patties (even black bean and veggie patties for our non-meat-burger loving friends). This time I decided to order one of their “Signature Burgers.” I decided to give “El Diablo Azul” (The Blue Devil) a shot. This burger is prepared with:

  • Beef Patty Seasoned with Cayenne and Cumin
  • Jalapeno Bottle Caps
  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Spicy Buffalo Sauce
  • Homemade Pico de Gallo
  • Potato Square Bun

Along with the burger I had to grab an order of their fresh, hand-cut, fries. While we’re not necessarily focusing on sides here at Emerald City Burgers and Brews I can tell you that these are some delicious fries. They come out nice and crisp, seasoned, and salted to perfection. If you’re going to grab a burger at Blue Moon don’t miss out on pairing it with a side of their fries.

This was the perfect burger for me to make my foray into their signature offerings. As MT can attest I love my food with a good kick. With jalapenos, buffalo sauce, and pepper jack cheese this burger sure fit the bill. This was not the overwhelming heat that you may expect though; the fine burger-craftsmen at Blue Moon know what they’re doing when they put these ingredients together.

The burger, when unwrapped from its paper encasement, was a great thickness (2-3”).The first thing I noticed when I took the initial bite was how nicely the potato bun complemented the rest of the burger, it served as a nice contrast to the spices of the burger. “El Diablo Azul” was nice and moist from the buffalo sauce and the jalapeno bottle caps supplied a good crunch to the burger.  The patty itself was cooked to perfection, it wasn’t the thickest patty and that can sometimes lead to a burger being overcooked, however that was not a problem here.

Overall this burger was nice and moist with just the right amount of kick and a good bit of crunch delivered by the jalapeno bottle caps (also available as a side). If a burger place allows for the construction of one’s own concoction I normally jump on board and put something together myself, however after having “El Diablo Azul” I may not be building my own at Blue Moon quite so often anymore.

If this Blue Devil from Blue Moon Burgers had been in the NCAA Tournament this past week it likely would have fared better than those Blue Devils of Duke.  I highly recommend the “El Diablo Azul” to anyone stopping by Blue Moon Burgers and give it a rating of at 4.5/5 stars:




  1. Da Burgers at Blue Moon are Wonderbar! Only thing is seat are very small in size for men of my size. Yah bigger seats are needed. Should look at the Black Forest stock.

  2. Love dose blu cheeses burgers and fries with raw onions. Only problem is Jasper done hate my breath after.

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