Silver City’s Ridgetop Red Ale at Blue Moon Burgers

As is typical for me, I decided to pair my burger from Blue Moon Burgers with a beer.  Blue Moon typically rotates out their taps and there’s always something new when you go into any of their locations. On this day I decided to accompany my “El Diablo Azul” with a Ridgetop Red Ale from Silver City Brewery in Silverdale, WA.

I had never heard of the Ridgetop Red Ale prior to seeing it on tap there but I can say that I’ll be aware of it going forward. The beer poured nicely with that distinct copper appearance one would expect from a red ale and had a mild amount of creamy head to it as well. The beer contained subtle notes of caramel and had a slight sweet taste to it. The beer has just a subtle amount of hoppiness to it as you finish off each drink. This gave the beer a nice range of flavors from start to finish with each swallow.

The Ridgetop Red paired nicely with my burger of choice (El Diablo Azul). The subtle sweetness of the beer played nicely with the spice of the burger. All in all I really enjoyed the burger/beer combination but will definitely be imbibing this beer again on its own in the future.

The Ridgetop Red Ale from Silver City Brewery checks in at a solid 4/5:



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