Dark IPA – A First For Me

Intrigued by the last Pyramid brew that I consumed (http://tinyurl.com/7kc9qze), I decided to try yet another. This time I chose the Discord Dark IPA (http://www.pyramidbrew.com/our-brews/discord).

Unlike the Thunderhead, the Discord is a seasonal beer. As is traditional for the winter, the Discord was a darker beer, and thus the terminology of a Dark IPA. The color that came out of the bottle was rich, and there was a soothing aroma as it filled the glass beautifully. Head on the beer was more than I had expected or desired, and it was tougher to control as I poured the beer. After a little bit of waiting, the head started to settle and I was able to pour the rest of the beer in.

Like most IPAs the first sip was kind of bitter and took me a little off-guard compared to the ales that I typically tend to go with. Once the initial stun went away the beer was very smooth and tasteful. The benefit with this being a dark IPA is the fact that the hoppiness of a typical IPA was not as present. Still the beer was hoppier than a stout, it was well crafted and had a very desirable taste.

As I continued to drink the Discord, the more I drank the more delicious I found it. Each sip was better than the last. Along with the great taste, everything that I at as I was enjoying the beer, including thin mint girl scout cookies and a chicken sandwich, the beer just continued to compliment everything.

I would highly recommend this 6.5% ABV beer, and therefore give it a 4/5 stars for beers.

This, like the Thunderhead has increased my affinity with Pyramid Brewing. I will definitely have to try another of their brews, and possibly even some food at their location in Seattle near Safeco Field.  pyramidbrew.com/alehouses/seattle


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