A Medley of Flavors – The 8oz Burger

In conjunction with the Google Places – Seattle group I was able to try 8oz Burger Bar in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. I was excited to try this place as I knew it was rather new and it intrigued me.

Upon entry into the restaurant I was fond of the decor that was present. The theme was very Western and one of the bartenders even had a cowboy hat on. One of my favorite things was the keg urinal. I know, this is a burger and brews blog, but this was no ordinary urinal! Also, I guess I can kind of spin it as, at some point you need to relieve yourself of all those brews, so I guess this counts.

Yes I took a picture of the urinal.

Anyways, sorry for the side tangent – back to the burger. The 8oz consisted of an 8oz kobe beef patty, arugula, cheese, caramelized onions and truffle oil. Out of all the options on the menu this one seemed to catch my eye.

When the burger arrived my first thought was, is this it? It didn’t seem like it was 8oz and was more like a 1/3 or even a 1/4lb size. Secondly, the burger was dripping from the truffle oil. Those two things not holding me back I decided to jump in.

The meat was cooked perfectly and was delicious. While most burgers I am happy for it just being real beef, the kobe beef was definitely a standout portion of this burger. Along with that, the truffle oil really brought the whole thing together. The flavors melded together in a nice unison. That being said, the bun was something left to be desired. It was nothing special and didn’t help the overall burger.

I would have to rate this burger a 3.5/5 stars.

This burger was good, but left something to be desired. I will chalk this up to the 8oz Burger Bar being new and them still working out some issues. I would definitely go back and try something else. Many of the other patrons in our group ate other delicious looking burgers, and even a fish sandwich.

Check out 8oz Burger Bar yourself: 8ozburgerbar.com/

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