Not Your Average Brew – Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Sometimes you need a change of pace from the normal hops and yeast. A nice break from this typical combination is Rachel’s Ginger Beer. Before I continue I would like to point out that this is a hyper-local beer. This is not something that is widely distributed in the least, but rather can be found in a few select locations, and the University District’s Farmers Market.

My first encounter with Rachel’s Ginger Beer was this past Fall at the U District Farmer’s Market. There, Rachel, was discussing her beer and even tapping it from kegs. She was very passionate about her beer, as well as knowledgable in how the fermentation process happens and what this brew a “beer”. The other benefit of the Farmers Market interaction is that there were other flavors being dispensed, rather than the normal ginger flavor. I was able to sample and then purchase a cup of delicious Cranberry Ginger Beer, and consumed it quickly.

When I was at Kings Hardware in Ballard ( – a favorite establishment of mine because of the neighborhood, the beer, and of course the Skee Ball) I noticed something in the beer case as I was able to leave. There staring me in the face were bottles of Rachel Ginger Beer. After indulging in a couple of yeast and hops brews, I desired a change of pace, and RGB was the prefect for that.

I order one and was quickly hit by the aroma when the bottle was opened before me. A sweet ginger scent immersed from the bottle and drew the anticipation for the first sip even higher for me. I then poured the beer into two glasses, as I was sharing with my co-writer of this blog – JT. We both then took sips of the ginger beer, and as I remembered, were pleasantly surprised.

The ginger in the beer is not overwhelming, but definitely present. Overall the beer is very smooth and tasteful. It leaves a nice sweet layer on the inside of your mouth after each sip. It also has a little tingle because of the fermentation of the ginger. Quickly the beer disappeared and we were both very satisfied with the unique drink.

After my second experience with the Ginger Beer, I would rate it a 4/5 stars.

If you happen to find yourself in an establishment that sells or distributes Rachel’s Ginger Beer, I highly suggest you try it. Even if you are not a sweet type person for your drinks, it is a nice change of pace and something interesting to try even once. If you are at the U District Farmers Market and you don’t try this out of the keg, you are crazy. This beer is fresh and delicious.

Good job Rachel, and keep up the great work!


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