aside A Light Beer for the Sun


Wanting a quick beer once I got into Seattle from Redmond, I went to the The Five Spot ( at the beginning of Upper Queen Anne.

When I entered I was quickly told that it was happy hour. Recommended to me was the Scuttlebutt Blonde Ale. The bartender insisted I try the beer before ordering a full pint, so I obliged.

After the first sip I was hooked. The beer was nice and light, and had a little bit of head on the top. There were hints of apple in the aroma with a slight scent of hops. Each sip went down easier than the previous, and this was a great beer to enjoy while I sat in the sun of the bar.

I would rate this beer a 4/5.


An easy beer to drink that is nice and light, I would definitely recommend this if you find it on tap.

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