Worth a Second Shot – The 520 Burger

The other day I visited the 520 Bar & Grill, this wasn’t my first time at the establishment but it was the first time ordering a burger. I was undecided between the Lamb Burger and the 520 Burger. What ultimately swayed me though was the claim that the 520 Burger was the “Best in Bellevue” according to the menu. I was excited to try the burger as I had weighed that option before. I imagined it would be good after enjoying the nachos, wings, and tacos there before.

I ordered my burger medium with swiss cheese. The burger came out presented nicely. The toppings were on the side and a healthy portion of steak fries accompanied it. The burger was a nice fluffy bun and he lettuce was an actual whole leaf, I really prefer a leaf of lettuce over the shredded variety.

Here’s the beef (pun intended). As our readers know, I’m a fan of a juicy burger and definitely prefer some pink in there. I received my burger nearly 20 minutes after ordering, this time frame gave me some worry because the place was not particularly full. I had a feeling that the burger was going to be overdone and those fears were realized when I took my first bite. The burger came away dry and cooked well, rather than medium. I can enjoy a well done burger if there’s enough juice in there but unfortunately this particular burger didn’t make the cut.

Given my previous experiences at 520 Bar & Grill I’m inclined to give them a pass and try it again. However, after my first try of the 520 Burger, I am admittedly down on the burger and have to give it 2.5 stars.

I would still recommend 520 Bar & Grill since I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the food I’ve had there before. Plus if you sit at the bar you’ll never be faced with an empty glass, no matter what you’re drinking. I will likely be trying the 520 Burger again and will keep you updated if it gets any better.


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