Easter Brew

The sight of the Pike Pale is what hooked me at first. It was a light brown color that was a nice middle beer between a dark stout and an IPA. Head on the beer was minimal after a great pour by the bartender at the Pike Brewing Company (http://www.pikebrewing.com/).

Described as a nutty malt flavor on their sell-sheet, it definitely stays true to this. While the presence of hops is definitely there with each sip, it is not overpowering in smell or taste. Each sip leaves a great taste in the mouth and makes you crave for more.

Going down so smoothly this beer could be dangerous at an ABV of 5%.  As for darker ales this is one of the best that I have had. Bestowed on me while I was enjoying my beer was the knowledge that this was also the first beer that was produced by The Pike Brewing Company. This beer is delicious, and a great start to their brewing history that got them rolling into a fair amount of delicious suds.

I would rate this beer a 4/5 stars.

If you are downtown Seattle and visiting Pike Place Market, I suggest you stop by the Pike Brewing Company just down the street. Nice staff, good beer, and a little get away from the normalcy of the market.


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