A Burger for Our Veggie Friends from Brave Horse Tavern

I want to start this review by imploring you not to skip it just because we’re reviewing a non-meat burger. I know many of our readers are not of the vegetarian variety and I’ll admit to typically turning down any patty not made of something that originally had a pulse, but this is one burger that you’ll want to try whether of not you’re a meat-eater.

Those of you from Seattle have almost certainly heard of Tom Douglas, and many of you not from the Emerald City have likely heard of him as well. Roughly one year ago Brave Horse Tavern opened in South Lake Union. In the time since its opening I have been there a number of times however I only recently had one of their burgers; I wish I had one long before.

I ordered the black bean and green chile burger for a mere six dollars. While waiting for my burger I enjoyed a game of darts and a pint of one of their local offerings (beer list here). When the burger came I took a quick survey of it and then a hearty bite. When my teeth pulled away that first bite and I began to chew I found myself a bit confused. In place of the ground beef laced with black beans and green chiles that I expected I instead found a patty comprised solely of black beans and green chiles. What surprised me further was that I didn’t seem to mind. Another bite rewarded my bravery, and yes I do consider it a brave undertaking to eat a burger made of flora rather than fauna.

The burger was very tasty for its type. It came served on a Dahlia Workshop bun with a burger sauce and a nice piece of iceberg lettuce. The burger came together really well with these ingredients and toppings. The sauce made up for the fact that the patty wasn’t particularly moist or juicy, as you would expect from a veggie burger. My primary qualms came from the size of the patty, it was rather small, and the ease with which the patty crumbled. The burger came apart pretty easily with each bite, that’s great when you’re pulling away each chomp, but not when it happens in your hand. From my own experiments with adding black beans and peppers into my ground beef burgers I know that making a solid patty is a tough task to accomplish. They definitely made a solid effort here.

All in all I could’ve gone for a larger patty that kept together a little bit better, and a slice of tomato would’ve been nice as well. The taste of the burger was surprisingly good considering that it typically isn’t my kind of choice for a burger option. Would I order it again? Yes. Would I order it frequently? No, but that’s because I’d generally rather sink my teeth into your prototypical burger. But objectively I have to give it a solid 3.5 stars.

If you find yourself in South Lake Union I recommend stopping by and giving it a shot even if you’re not a veggie burger type. If you are the veggie burger type I would consider it a must-have burger. Additionally, I recommend having some of their brick oven pretzels with the variety of spreads, they are fantastic.


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