More than happy with the Happy Grillmore – Happy Burger

Happy Burger from the Happy Grillmore food truck

For the past few months I have been relegated to either bringing my lunch or eating from the food trucks that grace the Redwest Campus at Microsoft. With the cafeteria being redone, these were the options that Microsoft had presented to their employees and vendors to allow them to not have to go off campus. Over those same months, I have come to see the Happy Grillmore truck parked there from time to time, but never gave it a second thought. After I picked up the new issue of Seattle Magazine and saw that the truck was rated the best food truck burger in Seattle, ( there was no question but try it. And wow, am I glad I did.

After a busy morning I needed something delectable to alleviate my famished self, and hoped a savory burger from Happy Grillmore could do the trick. I decided if I was going to try this truck, I was going to go for the namesake burger, the Happy. The Happy consists of the following ingredients on a sour dough roll (the roll is amazing in itself):

  • 1/3 lb Angus Beef Patty
  • Tillamok Cheddar
  • Gorgonzola Crumbles
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Red Pepper Aioli (so delicious)
  • Spicy Mustard (opted out of this)

Each bite takes your tastebuds on another journey down a different path. The ingredients blend in perfectly with each other on the beef patty, which is cooked to the exact right temperature of bordering on medium to medium well. When it is over the only thing that can cross your mind if how filling it was and when’s the next time you can get another burger from the Happy Grillmore truck.

I (like the Seattle Magazine review) am not sure how long this truck plans to stay in the area, as they technically are from Portland, but here’s to hoping they are here for a while. As for now, I would suggest if you have the chance, seize it and try these burgers! Heck, I would say to even follow their Twitter (!/happygrillmore) and figure out where they are. Yes I am encouraging slight stalking of this truck, but it is not weird, and definitely worth it to get yourself a burger.

My rating for this burger would be a 4/5, but because of the fact it came out of a truck, it garners an extra .5 bonus points in my mind (if you can make something this good on the go, it is truly special) and gets a 4.5/5

Find this truck, and try their burgers. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Grillmore:

Happy Grillmore truck - via

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