Good News Everyone: Populuxe Brewing is Getting Ready to Open!

In the world of Washingtonstate brewing it is hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. In our haste to let you all know about Peddler Brewing and Bad Jimmy’s yesterday we failed to mention Populuxe Brewing, another Ballard brewery getting ready to open their doors in the next month!

Thanks to Peter Charbonnier over at Populuxe Brewing we’ve been able to remedy this oversight. Even better, we get to tell you that soon you’ll be able to consume new brew even earlier than expected from our previous post!

Populuxe Brewing will be bringing you “traditional beer styles with a Northwest twist” at their soon-to-be open location at 8th and 49th in Ballard later this month. Doors open after their final inspections are completed and they get their brew ready for all the thirsty folks in the area. They’ve done a great job of documenting the whole process on their website, where you can see images of the entire build out and operation.

They will be brewing with a 1.5 barrel system onsite and will have a tasting room as well as outdoor seating in the warmer season. Beer will also be available in a to-go capacity with pints, growlers, and kegs. Take some time to look over their site and you will see some of their brewing accolades and achievements; a display case will be set up behind the bar when they open so that you can view their hardware.

Lastly, check out their Founders Club. $100 gets you a limited edition Founders Club t-shirt, an engraved imperial pint glass, and a membership card. You may think, “a membership card, what’s the big deal?” Here’s the BIG deal: it entitles you to free legal services on the moon! This will definitely come in handy if Newt Gingrich gets his moon colony. Personally, I really like the tee and pint glass (pictured below; images copyright of Populuxe Brewing). As someone in the sciences in my personal life, anything with an atom on it is a winner in my book, rockets are just icing on the cake.

Blue-Rocket---final                    GlassMockup

Needless to say, we are very excited for Populuxe brewing to open their doors. We wish them good luck with their final inspections and can’t wait until their brew is ready for us to consume!


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