What Kind of Beer Drinker Are You?

I came across this graphic the other day on College Humor and thought it was worth sharing with our readers. If you’re like us you probably fall into more than one category. Personally, I struggled with my decision. I feel that I’m some sort of “snob/explorer hybrid” (explob? snoxplorer? – I don’t know, you come up with a name). I am always looking to try new and different beers because I feel like that’s one of the best parts of being a beer lover. On the other hand, just because I love beer does not mean that I’m going to settle for some swill just because it’s the only beer available, I’m not in college anymore (well I am, but that’s beside the point). That may seem snobbish but when you live in a place like Seattle with all of the fantastic beer options we have I find it a difficult idea, let alone drink, to swallow. So that’s me, a beer explorer with a slightly snobby side.

I know my ECB&B cohort MT found himself in the same conundrum except that he’ll always be up for a brew no matter the options. MT, like me, loves to try whatever weird/interesting concoction that people are brewing up. But he’s also not against a standard domestic option. He keeps his refrigerator stocked with microbrews and Miller Lite. I tend to blame this on the fact that he went to college in Milwaukee. So that’s our friend MT, an exploring egalitarian always ready for a pint no matter what it is. 

Now it’s time for you to tell us what kind of beer drinker you are. Follow the very simple (so you can do it after a few drinks) flow chart below and then let us know in the poll what the result is.

Whatever you are, we’re just glad you love beer!

What Kind of Beer Drinker Are You

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