Black Bean Blue Hawaiian from Blue Moon Burgers for Your Meatless Monday Treat

Try this variation on the Blue Hawaiian for Meatless Mondays at Blue Moon Burgers!
Try this variation of the Blue Hawaiian with a vegan black bean patty for Meatless Mondays at Blue Moon Burgers!

As some fairly serious carnivores over here we don’t typically go veggie style. You probably could have guessed that seeing as how this is only our second veggie burger post ever, the first was the black bean burger from Brave Horse Tavern (A Burger for Our Veggie Friends from Brave Horse Tavern).

Most of you are already familiar with Half Price Burgers on Wednesdays at Blue Moon Burgers (with the purchase of a side and a drink after 4PM), an event we try to remind you of via our twitter account (@BurgersBrewsSEA) and one that we attend regularly. But today we’re taking a page out of the playbook of our friends at Blue Moon Burgers and bringing you a vegetarian option for Meatless Mondays, a Blue Moon Burgers staple (go meatless and get half off your burger after 4PM). Monday at Blue Moon is going to be another day to throw into our burger joint rotation.

So here’s an idea for your Meatless Monday trip over to one of the best places to grab a burger in our great city: The Blue Hawaiian (off the Signature Burgers menu) with a vegan black bean patty (and if you’re up for it you should throw on some jalapeno bottlecaps too).

The Blue Hawaiian, as prepared normally, goes like this: “Topped with our thick teriyaki glaze, pepper jack cheese, a grilled pineapple ring, fresh lettuce, tomato, sweet red onions, pickles, and Blue Moon sauce on a SODO roll.”

Of all the signature burger offerings from Blue Moon I felt like The Blue Hawaiian would be the way to go when subbing out the meat patty for a black bean patty. I immediately discounted The Code Blue and The Blue Shroom because they come topped with bacon and bacon crumbles respectively. My initial inclination was El Diablo Azul, but as you know I love that burger too much to mess with it (but maybe one day I’ll try).

The Blue Hawaiian is already one tasty burger. The teriyaki glaze, grilled pineapple ring, and sweet red onions plays nicely with the pepperjeck cheese. I opted to add on the jalapeno bottlecaps in order to throw a little more spice to contrast the sweetness. As expected the black bean patty worked nicely with the rest of the flavors going on in this burger. The only drawback I ever really experience with a black bean patty is the consistency, they tend to come apart fairly easily and this burger, albeit delicious, was no different. It started to fall apart on me nearly halfway through. Thankfully it was easy to grab a fork and continue on my merry way through it. This burger rated an easy 4 out of 5 and once again Blue Moon Burgers failed to disappoint.

If you’re going for a Signature Burger option at Blue Moon Burgers for Meatless Monday then I would throw my support behind this combination. Enjoy!

Burger 4 Star


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