Come For the View, Stay For a Brew… And a Burger too!

Ray’s sign acting like a beacon for good food and cold drinks in the warm, sunny weather.

When the temperatures start rising and the sun starts to peak through the clouds for the first time in months I, like many others in Seattle, seek the best spot to sit outside and bask in the glorious weather. My place of choice for the past few summers has been Ray’s Cafe. This spot, just a few quick minutes outside of the main area of Ballard, is nice and serene and offers some of the best water views outside of downtown (pictured at the end of the post). It also happens to have some pretty delicious food and a solid selection of tasty brews.

On my past visit to Ray’s Cafe I enjoyed a Hale’s Nitro Cream Ale, a West Coast IPA from Green Flash Brewing in San Diego, and a Trickster IPA from Black Raven Brewing. Each of those beers will be reviewed on their own at a later time. What I want to focus on is the delectable burger that accompanied them.

When I got to Ray’s I grabbed a quick pint and sat back in the sun for a minute while I perused the menu deciding what I wanted that day. I know that I love burgers, but some days I do like to change it up; this was not one of those days. I ordered up a medium well Classic Burger which comes with gleason ranch beef, Tillamook cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and poblano sauce.

The burger took a little bit of time to come out since it was pretty busy up there but that’s not something I would complain about when I’m getting the chance to relax in the sun with a couple of tasty, cold pints and a beautiful view. When the burger came out (along with my second pint) I took a quick picture for posterity’s sake and then dug in. The burger was definitely undercooked relative to my order more like medium or medium rare, but personally I would always prefer undercooked to overdone.  However, outside of that issue it was one very good burger. The burger came on a nice, albeit standard, bun and the meat felt like it could melt in your mouth. The poblano sauce was really a great topping. There really is a huge difference between the standard cheddar cheese and Tillamook cheddar cheese as well. Back where I come from we didn’t have a cheese option like Tillamook and it really does make a world of difference. Overall this was a really good classic burger and rates a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

Burger 4 Star

I ordered up one last pint after I finished up my meal, leaned back in my chair to absorb some more rays (pun intended), and enjoyed the beautiful view. Ray’s Cafe once again did the trick as it made me forget about all the grey and wet weather we suffer through for months on end. As long as the sun is out and the weather is warm you’ll be
able to find me at Ray’s.

20130705_165505 20130705_16291220130705_155907

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