Hale’s Cream Ale on Nitro – A Great Summer Brew

Hale’s Nitro Cream Ale on the deck at Ray’s Cafe

Hale’s Cream Ale is a brew that I’ve had on a number of occasions throughout my time living in Seattle. I’ll typically grab a pint of this whenever I’m at Hilltop Ale House in Queen Anne or at Hale’s Brewery and Pub. This time I enjoyed it at Ray’s Cafe on a warm and sunny summer afternoon.

Hale’s bills this particular brew as:

Hale’s blondest member of its line of Dublin Style Ales is the silky smooth Hales Cream Ale. An easy drinking golden pale ale brewed with a combination of unique Yakima hops that compliment and emphasize the Dublin Style.

Smooth and creamy… no bull!”

This beer consistently pours a nice golden color with a thick creamy head. The beer has a really nice light smell of grains and bread, a little sweetness, mild malt, and very subtle hop aroma. This beer has a nice light body, very silky, and is exceptionally creamy and smooth, just as is expected. This creamy pale ale has a nice malty opening taste of bread and toasted grains. It finishes well with a nice mild citrus flavor and a very slight bitterness from the hops. This is a very well balanced beer.

Hale’s Cream Ale, on nitro, is a summer staple for me. I won’t drink it often as it’s not my favorite style of beer. However, it’s one that I enjoy if I’m planning on sitting out in the sun for a while and want something light and smooth. This most recent time it did a great job of breaking up a pair of IPAs I was enjoying over a delicious burger (Ray’s Cafe – Classic Burger Review) and sitting out in the sun for a couple of hours. This beer rates a “smooth and creamy” 3.5 stars.

Beer 3.5 Star



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