Beer Buzz – Wednesday 10/23

Here’s a couple of quick hits for what’s taking place today:

  • This afternoon marks the introduction of a new brewery to the Ballard brewery community, the ninth if you’re keeping count. Stoup Brewing is set to open their doors at 4pm to the public for the first time today. We’ve been anticipating their opening for a while now and can’t wait to get in there and see what they have to offer. They’re set to feature an IPA and an ISA as well as a Robust Porter to start, with a NW Red, Hef, and Pilsner to follow. Adding to the festivities will be Nosh Food Truck serving up some of their delicious bites.
  • As a lead-in to Chuck’s Pumpkin Takeover, which will close out the month with a bevy of pumpkin beers, we’ll be treated to this evening’s Elysian Pumpkin Road Show. Tonight will be a tap takeover of Elysian’s brewery-only pumpkin beers at our favorite establishment on 85th. Most of these are difficult to find even in Elysian’s own locations, so head to Chuck’s and enjoy a few pints of pumpkin creation goodness tonight.


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