First Time Having The Li’l Woody from Li’l Woody’s

I had been hearing about Li’l Woody’s for a while now but as I don’t get over to Capitol Hill all that often I hadn’t yet gotten around to trying any of their burgers (menu here). Lucky for me, with all their success in Capitol Hill, they eventually opened up a location in Ballard (much closer to me and plenty of local breweries). So a little over a month ago I finally made my way over there with another member of our Emerald City Burger and Brew Crew.

20131026_152109We got there pretty much right after they opened for the day and made our way up to the counter. The person that greeted us was extremely kind as she put up with our indecisiveness; the menu had so many tasty looking options. However, we ultimately opted to start with the basics. I grabbed a 1/4 lb. Li’l Woody for myself while my buddy grabbed the 1/3 lb. Big Woody (which he’ll be reviewing soon).


Having gotten there so early we had our choice of table. We grabbed a spot anwaited for our order to come up, all under the watchful eye of Li’l Woody himself. Our order was out pretty quickly and we hurriedly grabbed it and got back to our seats in order to finally give their burgers a try. 


The Li’l Woody, which I got with fries, is a ¼ lb. burger with Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, chopped onions, pickles, ketchup and mayo. I opted to skip the onions however, I’ve never been a big fan of chopped onions and I didn’t want to ruin this experience with their inclusion. The bun was a pretty standard brioche that was lightly toasted, which is my preference. I like for the bun to have a little bit of crunch and this one did. I really dug the chopped pickles, this was actually my first time having them that way on a burger. They didn’t go to heavy on the ketchup and mayo, another preference of mine. I tend to prefer that the chef errs on the light side and I can add more later if I want. The Tillamook Cheddar is a personal favorite of mine.

Now, on to the important part, the burger patty itself. Li’l Woody’s uses hand formed Painted Hills Natural Beef. Painted Hills supplies some of the best beef there is to work with for a burger, so it was no surprise how tasty it was. The meat was nice and juicy and not too well done, which isn’t always easy with a smaller patty. That being said, as a 1/4 lb. burger and the smaller of the two options available at Li’l Woody’s, it was gone pretty quickly. I can’t say that I ate with any more voracity than normal, it was just a pretty small burger. Even with the fries I ordered I was still left fairly hungry. I thought about ordering another but balked at the $4.50 price tag (burger only, no fries) for a burger of its size. If it wasn’t for the quality of the meat and the genuinely good taste I probably would have been disappointed.

The major drawback for me was the size of the burger. I’m a very average sized guy and I’m far from gluttonous when I eat. A good size burger and fries can leave me feeling full for hours, but this just didn’t cut it. If I was judging solely based on taste I have to say this basic burger was very good. However, I probably won’t order it ever again. I’m looking forward to trying some different things off their menu, especially The New Mexican (hatch green chilies and queso sauce, yum!). All in all I was left feeling pleased with my first experience at Li’l Woody’s (albeit a li’l hungry as well). The Li’l Woody weighs in at a respectable 3-stars.

Burger 3 Star

Thanks for reading. Stay hungry!


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