Beer and Brats with Burdick Brewery


This Friday break out of your Thanksgiving turkey coma with our new friends at Burdick Brewery. Starting at 3PM their taps will be flowing and they’ll be serving up some brats cooked up in their Belma Pale Ale. This is one delicious brew so we recommend grabbing a pint to go along with your food.

We recently made our first trip down to South Park to visit Burdick and absolutely loved what they had to offer. Their Stout, IPA, Mild, and Belma Pale were all very well crafted brews. We’ll be reviewing those soon but wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on a fun event over your holiday weekend.

So if you need something to get you going after all that turkey, or maybe you need to wind down because you’re one of those Black Friday shopping warriors, we recommend a stop at Burdick Brewery for a brat and a pint (or a few of each).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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