For You Beer Photographers

You do it, we do it, most everyone does it at this point. People love to take pictures of whatever they’re currently drinking, as long as it isn’t something embarrassing like a Coors Light or Milwaukee’s Best. Even Untappd, everyone’s favorite beer based smartphone app, has now introduced some Instagram-like functions for when you “check-in” your beer.

Here to help you become the best beer photographer you can be is Draft Magazine. They have put together some tips from Dale Swanson (Instagram: @Brewtographer) on How to Beerstagram Better and you can put them into use starting this weekend:

1. “You get a lot of shots of pint glasses when you shoot in bars, so be mindful of the background to put the beer into context. I’m notorious for taking time to move napkins and straws out of the way to get the tap handles in view for a better composition.”

2. “Instead of cropping photos square, I shoot directly with Instagram. Be sure to check the Instagram option that saves photos to your image file as soon as it snaps.”

3. “The only two filters I use are Lo-fi and black and white.”

4. “I don’t ever use a flash. I use the SnapSeed editing app, which gives you a lot of control over brightness, color and saturation. Also, use the HDR feature on your camera; it gives you an average of the lighting that evens your photos out. Instagram’s sun button is the Instagram HDR, which also works OK.”

5. “Tag the location! I actually ask servers if the bar has an Instagram account to tag, and they don’t mind because it’s free publicity for them.”

So break out those smartphones and let’s see what you’ve got! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram: @burgersbrewssea and on Untappd: EmeraldCityBurgersAndBrews to stay up to date on what we’re drinking.


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