A Sneaky Good Burger at the Matador in Ballard


You wouldn’t think that a restaurant that is known for Mexican food and strong tequila drinks would have a good burger, but it sure does.

The Matador, with four locations in the Seattle area, does a burger that is large and tastes delicious. The burger is comprised of the following: 1/2 lb. patty, Monterey jack, bacon, pickled red onion, roasted jalapeño, seasoned lettuce, tomato, cilantro-garlic mayo.

Having had this burger now twice, at two different locations, I can assure you it is delicious no matter where you decide to indulge in this treat. The sauce can be a little messy at  times, but the other toppings blend nicely above the patty, creating a mouth-watering aroma. With every bite you crave it a little more, and are extremely happy about the size of the burger, even if you first were surprised by it’s eye-popping size.

This just goes to prove that good burgers can come from anywhere.

Where’s a place that you found a good burger that you wouldn’t expect? Comment below to respond.

I would rank this a 4-star burger. Great taste, cooked perfectly, and nice fixings.


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