Day 4 Events – Cheers to Mom!

This is typically a difficult day for some people during Seattle Beer Week. How does one juggle their sonly or daughterly responsibilities to their mother with some more SBW fesitivities? Never fear, the good people that plan this awesome event every year have you covered. Today we feature two events that were planned with mom in mind.


New Belgium Mother’s Day Dinner at The Leary Traveler 6PM:

Beer week is upon us and what better way to celebrate than partaking in a fine Belgian brew than with the one who brought you into this world. On this day your ticket buys you a four course meal along with five (5) beer tastings from New Belgium Brewing Company. A wonderful dinner on Mother’s day.

On top of all that, your ticket purchase will go to supporting one of the most innovative charities in Seattle, The Benevolent Guild. They raise money and bring awareness for local charities who support causes right here in Seattle. Since 1998 the Guild has been fortunate enough to provide events like these which have provided over $200,000 to charities like Peace for The Streets in (Capital Hill), One World Now (In SoDo), and The Service Board (Seattle). So grab your mom, bring her down and tell her you love her by feeding her and giving her some great brews! Tickets are limited so grab them at


Mom’s Day Psycho Showing with DJ/Nicfit at Naked City Taphouse 8PM:

This is definitely one of the most interesting programming choices for Mother’s Day. Wind down from a glorious first weekend of beer week with a Mother’s Day screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, featuring a live soundtrack from DJ Nicfit. An encore selection of beers that you may have missed from the nanobrewery celebration and Barleywood Squares will be on tap, along with Chef Tessa’s delicious comfort food. Catch up on some unique beers over a great meal and a mesmerizing performance from DJ Nicfit, whose live soundtracks have drawn crowds and acclaim from the Seattle International Film Festival and Northwest Film Forum.


As for me, I’ll be enjoying a nice dinner with my mom, and probably with a pint or two. Here’s to you mom, cheers!

Here's to my mother, enjoying a pint at Geaux Brewing.
Here’s to my mother, enjoying a pint at Geaux Brewing.




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