Day 7 – Beer Week, Your Hump-day Remedy

We just cleared the halfway point hurdle of Seattle Beer Week, the finish line is in sight, now if only we could survive the rest of the work week. Beer week is here to help you with that. 

Today’s main events include:

Firkin-Firkin at Elysian Capitol Hill 12-8PM:

This year it’s an ALL STAR lineup (and cask battle) picked by two of Elysian’s founders – Dick and Dave. There will be 18 casks competing against each other for best in show. You decide the winners. 

Dave’s Picks : Sierra Nevada Hoptimum IPA, Rogue 7 Hop IPA, Balebreaker 41 Pale, Machine House Mild, Ecliptic India Wheat Ale, Stoop Porter, RAM Galactic Brown Ale, Elysian ESB, Firestone Walker Pale 31 

Dick’s Picks : Port Mongo 2XIPA, New Belgium Felix and Rampant Blend, Virtue Cider English Cider, Logsdon Seizoen Bretta, Anderson Valley Horse Tongue, Elysian Dayglow IPA and a couple surprises!


Can you Handle my Randall at The Pine Box 5PM:

The Twelve Randalls return again to have you asking, “what the F*** did you put in my beer?” Oregon “vs” Washington Edition

Participating Breweries: 

Breakside – Apollo & Dionysus through chrysanthemum flowers

Crux – Pilsner with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and thai chiles.

Gigantic – Too Much Coffee Man with Cocoa Nibs and Chili

Double Mt. – Molten Lava with Simcoe Hops and Bourbon Soaked Wood Chops

Fort George – Vortex through Mango, Pineapple and Grapefruit

pFriem – IPA with Whole Leaf Citra Hops

Fremont – Summer with Grapefreuit, Belma Hops, & Rosemary

Machne House – Dandelion Pale with Stinging Nettles, Wasabi Root, & Pineapple

Backwoods – ridge run stout with coffee beans, and Golden Grahams

Schooner Exact – 8% ABV Imperial Stout poured through chocolate covered marshmallows and cinnamon sticks

E9 – Farmhouse Un(1) – 6.5% ABV Barrel fermented Brett beer with citra, peaches and peach hi-chew.

Skagit – 10% ABV Trumpeter Imperial Stout with Orange Whiskey & Bitters

And because we were inspired by Dogfish Head for the Randalls we’re throwing their Worldwide Stout on the Randall inside with Cocoa Nibs and Coffee Beans.


The Final Showdown: WA vs OR vs CA at Burgundian 6-11PM

The Final Show Down!!! 
Elysian (WA), Boneyard(OR) and Firestone Walker (CA). 7 beers from each brewery of thier choice. Trophy is handed to the winner at midnight. Beer list includes:

Black 13 Black Ale 
Hop Venom Double IPA 
Notorious Triple IPA 
Skunkape IRA 
Funky Bunch Wild Ale 
Bourbon Barrel Black 13 Black Ale

Super Fuzz Blood Orange Pale 
Dayglow IPA 
Black Bretty Sour Ale 
Dread Imperial Stout 
Squeeze Box (Berry Imperial Pale) 
Same Mistake (Rye IPA) 
Honeycomb Nitro Oatmeal Honey Blonde

Firestone Walker 
Easy Jack Session IPA 
Double Jack Imperial IPA 
DBA Unfiltered British Pale Ale 
Agrestic American wild red ale 
16th Anniversary Barrel – Aged Blend 
Winter Wookey Blended Strong Ale 
Stickee Monkee Central Coast Quad


Oregon Legends Night at Naked City 6-9PM:

This legendary night is back with an all-star cast of brewers and specialty beers from EIGHT of Oregon’s finest breweries. You won’t find this amazing line-up of 32 beers anywhere else! Talk hops with Jamie Floyd, founder of Ninkasi, Christian Ettinger, Owner/Brewmaster Hopworks Urban Brewery, Josh Pfriem, founder of Pfriem, John Harris, founder of Ecliptic, along with the head brewers and founders of Oakshire, Breakside, Double Mountain, 10 Barrel, and Hopworks Urban Brewing (HUB). Holey moley! Each brewer has handpicked four great beers, including a few rare specialties for this epic night.

Oregon night is always a special treat. Here’s the lineup: 


Kronan Baltic Porter (Wine and Bourbon Barrel Aged with Organic Sour Cherries and Vanilla Bean, 9.5 ABV) 
Army of Darkness (Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, 11.1 ABV) 
Tripel (Belgian-style Triple, 8.7 ABV) 
Eis Eis Baby! (Eisbock, 12.2 ABV) 


Helles Bock (7.0 ABV) 
Oak Aged Sleigh’r (strong) 
Imperiale Stout (9.1 ABV) 
Dawn of the Red IRA (7.0 ABV) 


India Golden Ale (8.1 ABV) 
PIlsner (5.1 ABV) 
Bourbon Barrel Aged Aztec (Heaven Hill barrel-aged with chocolate and chillies, strong) 
Brett Saison (Rustic farmhouse ale brewed with three yeast strains, 6.3 ABV) 


Ill Tempered Goat (Brown Ale with coffee, 6.8 ABV) 
PTO Pale Ale (5.7 ABV) 
Nitro Espresso Stout (5.8 ABV) 
Watershed IPA (6.7 ABV) 

10 Barrel

Sam IPA (Simco, Amarillo, Mosaic 89 IBUs, 6.8 ABV) 
Oregon Brown IPA (6.7 ABV) 
Sour Brown Aged on Tart Cherries (5.9 ABV) 
Paramount Pale (6.5 ABV) 


Mosaic IPA 
Black Saison 
Winter Ale 
Strong Belgian 

Double Mountain

Hoperation #7 
Carrie Ladd 
Rusty Zipper 
Molten Lava 

Ecliptic – TBA 


There are plenty of other great events to enjoy today and tonight but these are the ones we’re most excited about. Have fun out there.


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