Let The Day-Drinking Begin!

With summer in full swing, there is nothing like sitting in your backyard, with the grill going and drinking a nice refreshing beer. Lucky for us, Seattleites, we have many awesome places that have great beers that will keep you hydrated for the summer heat. Here are a few beers and breweries that is worth trying and checking out while you are relaxing on a nice Seattle summer day.

Fremont Brewing

Located in the heart of Fremont (obviously), this is one of my personal favorite breweries. Not only do they consistantly produce great beer, but the atmosphere here exemplifies the Seattle culture. You will see people having birthday parties, bicyclist, moms holding their babies in one hand and a beer in the other, and awesome dogs! They recently expanded their beer garden, allowing for more outdoor seating, which is perfect on a nice Seattle Summer afternoon! Here are a few beers that will keep you cool from the heat.

  • Randall (They change this beer almost daily, so it will be a nice surprise!)
  • Wandering Wheat
  • Summer Ale
  • Midnight Rider

Also, checkout all the other breweries that are in the area; there is probably about 10 of them all within 10 mins driving distance from Fremont Brewery!


Elysian Brewery

With various location around Seattle, Elysian Brewery is an awesome place to get great beer. If you are near one of the breweries on a nice summer day, definitely stop in and try these beers to refresh yourself.

  • Dayglow  IPA (Available May- Aug)
  • Superfuzz (Available May- July)


Spinnaker Bay Brewing

Located in Columbia/ Hillman City, South Seattle, this brewery is an awesome brewery that popped up in the south end. With different food trucks on rotation every week, this is a perfect place to spend a nice summer day. Here are a few beers that they have on tap.

  • High Heel Imperial IPA
  • Little Dinghy Blonde Ale (Seasonal)
  • Island Time Toasted Coconut Porter (Seasonal)


Big Block Brewing

Big Block Brewing  is a Nano-brewery located in Sammamish in a residential neighborhood. What makes this place very unique and awesome is the production is in the guys two-car garage. But don’t let that scare you.  The owner is very friendly gentleman and will make you feel at home.  Here are a few beers to try.

  • Honey Ale
  • IPA
  • Raspberry Blonde


Chuck’s Hop Shop

With two location in Seattle, Ballard on 85th and The Central District on Union St., Chuck’s is my go-to place to get a pint of beer or a bottle for me to take home. With 38 different beers on tap at the Ballard locations and 50 different beers on tap at the Central District location, there is plenty of beers for you to try. From ciders to stouts aged in oak barrels, Chuck’s will have a beer for you! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention their bottle selection with over 100 different kinds of beer from around the world! This place is a must if you want explore and try new beers without the hassle of going to multiple breweries. They also have food trucks everyday of the week, so you can pair your beer with awesome food!


There are many beers and breweries that I did not mentions because there are just too many places out there. This is a snippet of the beers and breweries that Seattle has to offer. I really hope you all get a chance to checkout these places and also try all the summer beers out there! Feel free to leave a comment on which beers and breweries that you have checked out!

*Keep in mind that since a few of these beers are seasonal, they will run out and might be sold out when you get there!

As always, please drink responsibly and be safe this summer!


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