Lompoc Brewing Tonight at The Beer Junction

LompocThe Beer Junction, West Seattle’s premier bottle shop and beer bar, typically brings in a guest brewery every Thursday to showcase their goods. Tonight, Lompoc Brewing, out of Portland, will be visiting The Beer Junction for the first time, and what a good time it will be. In tow will be some of their newest releases as well as red wine barrel-aged and boysenberry-based treats.

From The Beer Junction:

Tonight (Thursday 8/14; 5-8PM)
We welcome Bryan Keilty & Matthew Kohnke from Portland’s Lompoc Brewing for the first time. They will be bringing some fun treats including a pale ale that has been aging in red wine barrels for 6 years! We’ll also be trying out their recently released Citrus IPA, Smoking Gun IPA, Knott Saison (done with boysenberries), and Santiam Pale Ale. Try all 5 for just $4.

Lompoc Brewing makes some of our favorite beers in Portland, such as their C-Note IPA and Proletariat Red. We’re sure that what their bringing with them will be just as excellent!

Tonight’s offerings include:

1. Knott Saison: This Belgian style farmhouse has boysenberries added at the end of fermentation. It is bright pink in color with a fruity aroma finishing with a slight spice. 5.1% ABV

2. Wileys Santiam Pale Ale: Brewed with all organic grain for this years North American Organic Brewer’s Festival. It is clean and crisp with a golden color. Additions of Centennial and Santiam hops floral aroma, finishing with a slight spice. 4.8% ABV

3. Bluebird Pale Ale: Our Condor Pale Ale that was brewed in 2008 and aged in Maryhill Winery Merlot barrels with 45 pounds of blueberries for 6 years. Light red in color with hints of blueberries finishing very sour. 5.2% ABV

4. Pamplemousse Citrus IPA: Ever wonder how to say grapefruit in French? Some say a scurvy old French sea captain was the first to discover grapefruit on the island of Barbados. Well, today we raise a glass to scurvy old sea captains, and celebrate the pamplemousse! This deep golden, medium bodied Citrus IPA offers up refreshment that will satisfy all your senses. Four hop varieties along with real grapefruit juice build a solid hop bitterness highlighted by citrus notes, both on the tongue and in the nose. 5.8% ABV

5. Smoking Gun IPA: Starting our Spy series of IPAs off with a bang, Smoking Gun IPA is an easy drinking, light bodied IPA. There are smokey notes from beechwood smoked Rauch malt and ends with an aromatic finish from house smoked Crystal hops that were added to the brite tank. 5.6% ABV   


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