Saison Fest at Chuck’s Hop Shop in Greenwood

The saison, an oft-overlooked style of beer, is getting its moment in the sun today at Chuck’s Hop Shop. The saison style of beer can be traced back to Wallonia, a French speaking region of Belgium. Saisons were brewed in farmhouses (hence farmhouse style ale) in the autumn and winter. They were then served to farmhands in the warm summer months as a means of payment or an added benefit (sure beats a 401K plan!). Originally, saisons carried an ABV of only 3-3.5% but, as with most things, limits started to be pushed. Today, most saisons can be found in the 4.5-6.5% range with some even north of 10%, and you’ll get to try plenty at Chuck’s this afternoon!

From Chuck’s Hop Shop:

Long ago, in French-speaking Belgium, arose a style of beer so delicious and versatile that it’s widely respected and produced by the craft beer community to this day. That beer is the saison.

It’s time for Saison Fest at Chuck’s 85th on August 20th! We’ll have a wide selection of this world-changing style of beer on tap starting at 3pm.

Summer is saison season. It’s time for Chuck’s.

Today’s draft list includes:

  • E.H. #9 – Vieux du Monde
  • Boulevard – Saison Brett
  • Lantern – “Cassie” Saison
  • Sierra Nevada – Ovila Saison
  • Stone – Saison
  • Black Raven – Feral Saison
  • Firestone – Opal Saison
  • Logsdon – Seizoen Bretta
  • Propolis – Beltane Saison
  • Green Flash – Saison Deigo
  • Destihl – Saison de Imperiale
  • Crux – Impasse Saison
  • North Coast – Le Merle
  • pFriem – Super Saison
  • Big Al – Time Capsule IPAson
  • Destihl – Saison de Ruisseau
  • Stone – Smoked Saison
  • Speakeasy – Informant Saison

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of harvest and pumpkin beers rolling into bottle shops and on to taps. It’s great to have an event like this to remind us that we’re still in the heart of summer.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!



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