Laurelwood Brewing Tasting Night at Full Throttle Bottles

laurelwoodNearly every Wednesday (5-7PM), Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown welcomes a different brewery for an in-store tasting event. This week’s brewery is Laurelwood Brewing out of Portland, one of our favorites. They’ll have their Free Range Red, Pale Pony ISA, Workhorse IPA, Green Elephant IPA, and Moose & Squirrel RIS available for your tasting pleasure. And we’re not joking when we say that it will be your “tasting pleasure,” these are some great beers that you’re sure to enjoy.

Event info from Full Throttle Bottles Event Page:

We’re pretty excited to welcome Aaron back to FTB for a Laurelwood Brewing Tasting night! Come on down, try the latest seasonals from one of the best breweries in Portland. If you haven’t every tried them, boy are you missing out. And even if you have tried them, you need to come down to try the two latest seasonal releases. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!!

We’ve been sitting on a few bottles of one of my all time favorites from them, Moose & Squirrel Russian Imperial Stout. So we might even crack one of those open. Just to make sure it’s as awesome as always of course. 😉 Because one shouldn’t hoard beer like nuts! Regardless, come on down, meet Aaron, try some beers & let’s have fun!

Cheers, Erika & Crew

Laurelwood Brewing Tasting Event – Wed August 27, 2014 5-7pm:

Free Range Red: Free Range Red is a rich copper-colored ale with loads of fresh hop flavor. Medium in body the caramel sweetness blends wonderfully with the smooth hop flavor creating a balanced, super drinkable beer.

Pale Pony ISA: The days are long, the weather is nice and so is the company. This Summer Pale ale is modeled after our popular Workhorse IPA, but is low in alcohol and, of course, high in hops. Some call that a “session IPA” some call it pale ale, all we know is you’ll call it good!

Workhorse IPA: Workhorse-Our biggest seller in the pubs, this is an extremely well balanced yet super flavorful IPA brewed in the West Coast style. The over-the-top aroma comes from a heavy handed dose of hops in the kettle, hop back and 2 separate dry-hop additions. A slightly sweet finish helps balance the hop bitterness and creates an ale that is both big on flavor yet remains quite drinkable.

Green Elephant IPA: Green Elephant IPA has a mellow malt character that sets the backdrop for a big hoppy beast of a beer. Layers of hop flavor come from the copious amounts of hops used in this brew, soaking the beer with hop oil goodness; creating layers of pine and tropical fruits. This beer drinks so wonderfully that you have to be careful. This elephant can sneak up on you!

Moose & Squirrel RIS: Organic Moose and Squirrel is a strong and chewy Russian Imperial Stout created by blending several dark and rich malts, creating layers of fruitiness, chocolate and coffee. The hops are added early in the boil to balance out the sweetness, but not to distract from the complexity of flavors in the malt.

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