Ales for ALS Release at Fremont Brewing this Weekend

alesforals1By this point we imagine that most of you have been called out in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in support of The ALS Association, or if you haven’t been called out then you at least know what we’re talking about. While we wholeheartedly support anything that raises awareness and much needed funding to combat this horrible neurodegenerative disease, not everyone is overly-enthused about drenching themselves in freezing cold water. Thankfully with the support of Loftus Ranches, Hopunion, and many breweries around the nation, there is an alternative for those who want to participate in the raising of awareness and funds without taking an ice bath – Ales for ALS. Ales for ALS allows people the opportunity to raise a pint while supporting the search for a cure. Fremont Brewing was one such brewery participating in this program and this weekend they are holding a release party for their Ales for ALS beer. First we’ll tell you about the event taking place at Fremont Brewing Company and then we’ll give you some information on the Ales for ALS program.

Fremont Brewing Company Ales for ALS Release Party:

This Saturday (8/30, 11AM – 3PM) Fremont Brewing will be hosting a release party for their Ales for ALS beer. In addition to their own brew, they’ll be tapping Ales for ALS beers from fellow WA state breweries: Pike, Bale Breaker, Mt. Tabor, Two Beers, and Triplehorn. Proceeds from the sale of these beers will go to benefit research into a cure for ALS and to help those living with the disease today. This event will be an excellent opportunity to support the battle against ALS, especially for those of you who have been ducking the challenges from your friends (and we know a few of you!). Perhaps you’ll even be able to get away with chugging a beer or two in lieu of taking an ice bath.

Saturday’s lineup of Ales for ALS beers will include:

  • Fremont Brewing: Ales for ALS Kolsch-Style Ale
  • Pike: No. 4 Session IPA
  • Bale Breaker: Bubba’s Brew, Session IPA
  • Mt. Tabor: Little Dutch Boy ISA
  • Triplehorn: “4” Ales for ALS, Cascadian Dark Ale
  • Two Beers: Fresh Hop Ale, Fresh Hop IPA

Ales for ALS:

Loftus Ranches and Hopunion created Ales for ALS to support a very worthy cause – ALS research. They offered participating brewers access to a proprietary hop blend, free of charge, in exchange for participation in Ales for ALS. Each brewery created their own special beers with these hops. Brewery proceeds from sales will be donated to ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s leader in ALS research.

About the ALS Therapy Development Institute:

The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is the world’s leading ALS research organization and aims to discover and develop effective treatments and a cure for ALS. Built by and for patients, the Cambridge, MA based drug development institute operates as a 501c3 nonprofit: combining the optimal entrepreneurial practices of a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company with the passion and urgency of a nonprofit mission. For more information, please visit us online at

What is ALS?

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease)
  • Progressive neurodegenerative disease leading to paralysis caused by the death of motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain
  • No known cure for the disease
  • The average person survives only 2-5 years following diagnosis
  • ~5,000 people in the US are diagnosed with ALS each year
  • ~30,000 people in the US living with ALS today
  • Current worldwide population with ALS ~450,000

There will be plenty of room for all of the supporters who want to come out for the event. Fremont Brewing recently expanded their outdoor beer garden and they’re currently working on an expansion on the inside as well. So we hope to see a big turnout this Saturday!


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