Burger Meets Mac and Cheese

1408929464047So what happens when you put mac and cheese on a burger??? The world stops! And that is exactly what Li’l Woody’s did to many people. This past week, Li’l Woody’s did a collaboration burger with the Seattle’s famous Beecher’s Cheese to create this amazing burger.

The original burger comprised of a 1/3 lb. burger patty, Beecher’s Mac and Cheese and Beecher’s No Women Cheese, Bacon, garnished with green onions and mayo. However, when I got there they were all out of the No Women Cheese, so I got Tillamook Cheddar instead.

The Mac and Cheese was phenomenal, which I expected because it’s Beecher’s. By putting the mac and cheese on the flat-top grill, it crisped up the cheese to give it a nice crunchy texture to compliment the creaminess and richness of the mac and cheese. (I love when you crisp up cheese!) They added just enough mayo to not over power the flavor of the mac and cheese and to help continue the creamy texture.

The mac and cheese would oozed on the burger patty, reminding you that you were eating a burger. The burger patty itself was good. It was a little over-cooked for my likings, but it didn’t take away much. The bacon, cheddar cheese, and mac and cheese kind of help the slightly dry burger patty by having all its creaminess running on to it.

Overall, this was an excellent and unique burger! Definitely one of the tastiest ones I’ve had. I wish they would of added just a little bit more mac and cheese, but that’s just because I love Beecher’s mac and cheese (what Seattleite doesn’t!). I’m looking forward to see what kind of collaboration Li’l Woody’s will do next, but in the meantime, I will be eating there other burgers of the week and try some of their other signature burgers, like The Fig and The Pig, which has Boat Street pickled figs, Hills Bacon, mayo and crumbled gorgonzola cheese! Li’l Woody’s, keep doing what you’re doing! I gave the Li’l Woody’s Beecher’s Mac and Cheese Burger 4-stars! Burger 4 Star

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