The Perfect Beer for Every NFL Team

hill12thToday is the beginning of NFL regular season football. To kickoff the regular season and 17 straight weeks of action, the Seattle Seahawks play host to the Green Bay Packers. The past few years, including last year’s Super Bowl winning season, have been some of the most exciting in history for Seahawks fans. The Twelves (our 12th Man fans) are some of the loudest and most passionate fans in the nation. To keep them cheering at the top of their lungs and their voices from going hoarse many of them turn to one of Seattle’s local beers while watching their favorite team.

As many people know, Seattle has one of the largest collections of local breweries (and beers too, of course). For any single beer to lay claim to “The Perfect Beer” for the Seahawks is quite the accomplishment. Such is the case for Hilliard’s Beer and The 12th Can Pale Ale according to a new list put out by Thrillist that pairs every NFL team with the appropriate brew. Seattle has a few other 12th Man and Seahawks inspired beverages, including the 12th Can Pale from Dick’s Brewing and Hawk One Lager from Northwest Brewing Company. But over the past year Hilliard’s 12th Can has fully entrenched itself in the fridges and hands of the biggest Seahawks fans, becoming their official unofficial beer.

From Thrillist’s article (and to see other team/beer combos go here):

Seattle Seahawks

Their beer: Hilliard’s The 12th Can
Not to be confused with former Seattle kicker Norm Johnson’s 12th Man Pale Ale (made with some help from Centralia’s Dick’s Brewing), this sessionable brew from Ballard’s hippest beer slingers is made with Cascade hops, comes in a ‘Hawks-colored can, and was inspired by the people at KJR 950, which is also presumably the number of ’em it’d take to get over losing in the Super Bowl… but you’d have to ask the Broncos.



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