Limited Number of “Reuben’s Crew” Mug Club Memberships Available Tomorrow

reubensReuben’s Brews, one of the finest breweries in Seattle, has grown quite the following since their opening. With the many loyal patrons and ardent supporters it was inevitable that they would start some type of club for their biggest fans; thus was born the “Reuben’s Crew” mug club. There was a cap to the membership program and it filled up fast. Many people were sadly unable to join in the first year and would have to wait until an opening came about. Well now is their chance. This weekend marks one year from the beginning of “Reuben’s Crew” and any vacancies resulting from current member departures will be made available once again to the public. Memberships will open up tomorrow (9/6) and they will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. So hurry over to Reuben’s tomorrow morning for your chance to join the crew. Full details about membership signup and benefits can be found below.

From Reuben’s Brews blog:

Last year we launched our mug club, Reuben’s Crew.  It’s hard to believe, but the first year is almost up! Current members have until the end of August to renew. After then we know how many memberships will be available for new members as we’re going to keep the club at roughly the same size. These memberships will be available from noon on Saturday September 6th at the brewery that will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

Here’s what being a Crew member gets you:

•    20oz pours for 16oz beers (up to 7% ABV brews only) poured in exclusive members only glassware
•    Growler program: Fill ten growlers and get your eleventh for only $1 
•    Bottle release reservations – such as Blimey, which will be released February 2015
•    One time coupon for 20% off merchandise purchases in the tasting room (enables 20% off of all merchandise purchased in one transaction at the taproom)
•    Brand new design Crew exclusive t-shirt
•    Exclusive Crew aluminum 32oz growler!
•    Regular email updates
•    Right of first refusal for next year’s application

We are hoping to release more small batch bottling runs in the next 12 months, but plans aren’t confirmed.  For example, we’re hoping to have another release of our Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout later this year, we are also hoping to bottle our fresh hop beer this year.  This is all logistics permitting – labels being printed / approved etc – but membership of the club will ensure the ability to reserve in advance from these runs if they happen.  

The membership year runs from September.  The benefits (20oz pours and growler program) will commence immediately upon joining the club, but the t-shirts and growlers will be available when we receive them – expected to be in late September. 

The cost is $100 for a one-year membership. We can only accept applications physically received and paid for at the brewery on Saturday September 6, 2014 from noon, we cannot accept email applications. 

Thanks for your support!

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