Get a Taste of Victory at The Beer Junction

unnamedVictory Brewing was founded in 1996 in Downington, Pennsylvania by Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski (they met on a school bus in 1973 when they were in the fifth grade), and they opened the brewery in an old Pepperidge Farm Bakery. Victory is one of only a few breweries in the country that uses whole flower hops in its beer. Almost all breweries used pelletized hops instead. Whole flower hops are a purer form, and the brewers at Victory believe they impart better flavor and aroma to beer. In 2010, Victory brewed 58,850 barrels of beer (approximately 19,520,545 12-ounce servings) and their 2013 annual production was 102,973 barrels (approximately 34,156,144 12-ounce servings)! On Thursday, 10/9 (5-8PM) at The Beer Junction, you will have the opportunity to meet Melissa Twist from the brewery, try some of their beers, and see for yourself why they are so popular. And with their recent Great American Beer Festival win, we can only expect more exceptional beers from them in the future! Our tasting event with them will feature the beers listed below.

Sample all 5 beers below for $4:
1. Prima Pilsner: Heaps o’ hops are hiding under the full, frothy head of this elegant Pils. All German malt subtleties linger beneath a long dry finish of this classy quencher. One of Michael Jackson’s 500 Classic Brews. 5.3% ABV
2. Moonglow Weizenbock: This dark amber wheat beer features fruity and spicy aromas galore. Significant strength underlies the pleasant citric appeal of this bock beer. Redolent with the flavors of harvest fruit, Moonglow typifies the traditional weizenbock-style so thoroughly enjoyed throughout Bavaria. Left unfiltered, its unique yeast strain gives Moonglow a radiance all its own. 8.7% ABV
3. Wild Devil Wild Ale: Bold, spicy, menacingly delicious HopDevil takes on an entirely new dimension when subjected to a wild yeast fermentation. A sharp, sourish edge has been added by this fermentations that plays into the caramel sweet malt deliciously and creates complex interplay with citrus accented hops. 6.7% ABV
4. Hop Devil IPA: Bold, spicy and menacingly delicious, this American-hopped India Pale Ale offers an aromatic punch and then follows through with a lasting, full-bodied finish.6.7% ABV
5. Dirtwolf Imperial IPA: Wildly assertive, intentionally untamed and dangerously satisfying, DirtWolf Double IPA is the culmination of Victory’s double IPA series experiment with whole flower American-grown hops. With two-row German malts and a well-balanced combination of whole flower Citra, Chinook, Simcoe and Mosaic hops, this brew blends the powerful citrus aroma and fruity flavors, with the piney, earthy and mildly floral characteristics found in these intriguing hop varieties. 8.7% ABV

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