Beers Made by Walking – Hiking Inspired Craft Beer – Tonight at Naked City

BMBWThere are two things that I count amongst my greatest passions since moving to Seattle: craft beer and hiking. Thanks to our proximity to breathtaking landscapes, Seattle is rife with opportunities to spend our time outside. Add to that some of the nation’s best breweries and it is only natural that this is a sentiment shared by many people of our great city. It is this love for craft beer and hiking that Beers Made By Walking aspires to convey. Beers Made By Walking (BMBW) is a program centered around the nexus point of these two pastimes. BMBW is a program that gets local brewers out into nature to inspire them and introduce them to native plant species culminating in the production of new craft beers that capture the essence of the natural landscape. Tonight (10/23, 6-9PM) at Naked City you have the opportunity to taste what these brewers discovered on their expeditions into nature. Hope to see you there!

Event Information:

Beers Made By Walking (BMBW) and the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed(FCRW) are announcing the release of ten new beers that are inspired by hikes around the Pacific NW. The beers will be served at a special tapping on October 23rd, from 6-9pm, at Naked City Brewery.

BMBW is a program that invites brewers to go on nature hikes and make new beer inspired by plants that are identified on the trail. Each hike is unique and each beer that is produced is a drinkable landscape portrait of the trail we hiked.

These place-based beers were produced through a collaboration between BMBW and FCRW after a series of public hikes, led by FCRW, with local brewers throughout the summer. Participating brewers and cider-makers that joined in on the hikes include: Big Al Brewing, Brickyard, Epic Ales, Fremont, Hi-Fi, Naked City, and Schilling Cider. Hikes took place at Seward Park, Discovery Park, and Cougar Mountain.

Each brewery/cidery will serve their new brew on October 23rd at Naked City Brewery. Additionally, Laurelwood (Portland, OR), and Fort George (Astoria, OR) will also tap special beers based off hikes in Oregon.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet some of the brewers, learn about the various hikes that inspired the beers, and learn about some of FCRW and BMBW’s recent work. Beers will be sold in sets of samples, and by the pint, until they run out. A majority of the proceeds from this event will benefit FCRW.

  • WHAT: Beers Made By Walking Seattle Tapping
  • WHEN: October 23rd, 6-9pm
  • WHERE: Naked City Brewery – 8564 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA
  • COST: Sample all 10 for $15 or enjoy a pint for $5

Beer List:

Big Al Brewing /// Huckleberry Saison /// 6.8%, 30 IBU
A bready, spicy and fruity saison with wild huckleberries, inspired by a hike at Cougar Mountain.

Brickyard Brewing /// Salal Saison /// 5.1%
Belgian Style Saison with the addition of Salal leaves, inspired by a hike at Steward Park.

Epic Ales /// Wild Watercress Farmhouse Blonde /// 4.7%, 25 IBU
A light rustic ale brewed with wild watercress foraged in the Olympic peninsula.

Fremont Brewing /// Brother Imperial IPA with Spruce Tips & Elderflowers /// 8.5%, Billions of IBUs
A big, bold Northwest Imperial IPA with spruce tips and elderflowers. Based off a hike in Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington.

Hi-Fi Brewing /// Look Up – See Dere? /// 5.9%, 22 IBU
Smoked Brown Porter, smoked over Western Redcedar. Inspired by a hike at Cougar Mountain.

Naked City Brewery /// Rose’s Funky Hips /// 6.3%, 35 IBU
Belgian Style Saison brewed with locally foraged rose hips, inspired by a hike at Discovery Park.

Schilling Cider /// Cedar Tip Dry Farmhouse Cider /// 6.3% ABV
Rustic, tannic dry cider with local Western Redcedar tips, inspired by a hike at Cougar Mountain.

Fort George Brewery /// Spruce Budd Ale /// 5%, 0 IBU
We harvested spruce from trees on the coast, near Astoria. We produced 30bbl batch and used 200 pounds of Spruce tips.

Hopworks Urban Brewery /// Salal Slap /// 4.1% ABV, 3 IBU
Salal Slap is a bracingly sour Berliner Weisse with Salal berries, based on an old growth hike in Portland, OR.

Laurelwood Brewing /// Saison de Walkie /// 5.5%, 12 IBU
Tart Saison with rose hips and elderberries inspired by a hike on the Wildwood Trail in Forest Park, Portland.

About Beers Made By Walking:

BeersMade By Walking is a program that invites brewers to make beer inspired by nature hikes and urban walks. Since 2011, we have worked with over 70 breweries in five states to create place-based beers that support local, environmental organizations and causes. Please visit:

About Friends of the Cedar River Watershed:

Friends of the Cedar River Watershed works with community members to enhance and restore the Cedar River/Lake Washington/Lake Sammamish watershed, which provides drinking water to more than 1 million people, as well as critical salmon habitat. Through hands-on volunteer opportunities and environmental education, we are working to protect the State’s most populous watershed and inspire the next generation of watershed stewards. Please visit:

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