Ecliptic Brewing Night at The Pine Box with John Harris

John Harris
Photo of John Harris © The New School

Event information from The Pine Box:

The man, the myth, the master brewer John Harris will be in town showcasing the beers of his newest project, Ecliptic Brewing.

“Ecliptic Brewing is a venture from John Harris, an Oregon craft brewing icon. John’s background is one steeped in Oregon’s rich craft brewing history. He began as a brewer at McMenamins’ breweries; moved to Deschutes, where he created the recipes for Mirror Pond, Black Butte Porter, Jubelale and Obsidian Stout; and spent the next 20 years of his career as a brewmaster at Full Sail in charge of creating the Brewmaster Reserve line of Beers. The creation of Ecliptic Brewing is the next chapter in John’s illustrious career.

The name Ecliptic Brewing unites John’s two passions: brewing and astronomy. The ecliptic is the yearly path around the sun on planet Earth. We celebrate this journey through the seasons from the centerpiece to our pub, a massive light fixture in the shape of the Analemma, to beer and food menus in constant change and rotation throughout the year. Our seasonal menu will rotate every 6 weeks on the old world calendar. Changes at Samhian, Winter Solstice, Bridgid, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas and the Autumnal Equinox.

Our philosophy is to push the limits of creativity in the brewhouse, and create a sense of place in both the restaurant and the beer we build. We are set up to welcome both the family out for a meal and the couple who wants to be kid-free. We hope you join us on our journey together.”

On Tap:
Lacerta Frambuesa
Belgian Pale Ale
6.5% ABV
20 IBU
Lacerta is the lizard constellation. We’re sure the Aztecs had to deal with them in their caves. This frambuesa is made in the Aztec style. The base beer is a light ale and it was infused with Cocoa Nibs in the mash. Hopped gently to let the malt flavors shine through. Once fermentation was going strong pounds of Raspberries were added to the fermenter. Lacerta has a nice belgian yeast spiciness that blends well with the fruit. The Cocoa nibs add a layer of flavor to the malt profile.

Astro 21
21st Amendment Collaboration
Belgian Pale Ale
6.5% ABV
38 IBU
Astro 21 is a Belgian-style Summer Ale brewed with Crisp Maris Otter pale malt and a touch of honey and crystal malt, resulting in a vibrant orange color and a light sweetness and marmalade aroma. Much like a Belgian table beer, Astro 21 has a biscuit character with a hint of caramel. Featuring Nugget and Styrian Golding hops, it offers both a pleasant bitterness and a nice lime-orange flavor. The dry hopping melds with the Belgian yeast spiciness creating a crisp and refreshing end of

American Amber / Red Ale
5% ABV
35 IBU
Phobos is named after the Martian moon that circles the red planet. Eight malts were used to give this beer a rich red color and deep caramel flavor. Hopped to balance with citrusy Azacca hops, Phobos finishes creamy and smooth.

Altair Fresh Hop Ale
American Pale Ale
5.8% ABV
45 IBU
Brewed to celebrate the annual Hop harvest! Altair a bright star in the Constellation Aquila the Eagle. Fresh Meridian Hops were used making this beer. A light biscuit malt character is balanced with wonderful aromas of citrus and tangerine. This beer was wet hopped and dry hopped in the fermenter. It’s a classic American pale ale!

Filament Winter IPA
American IPA
7.2% ABV
70 IBU
As the winter sun hangs low in our sky, some 93 million miles away, solar filaments, giant arcs of cool, dense plasma explode from its surface. Filament Winter IPA celebrates this cosmic wonder. Pale, Munich and Caramel malts create a rich malt character with a honey-like flavor. A bounty of Crystal, Chinook and Centennial hops combine to lend spicy, citrus hop notes.


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