The Fig and the Pig

20150103_151529_Richtone(HDR)While most people were starting their New Year’s resolution working on eating healthier and exercising more, I was working on finding a really good, gluttonous, greasy burger to eat. And since it been a while since we had a burger from our old friends, Li’l Woody’s, I thought it would be a perfect way to start start the new year! At the time, their featured burger was a lettuce-wrapped turkey burger, but that didn’t seem gluttonous enough for me. So I looked at their signature menu and saw the most intriguing name, the Fig and the Pig.

I’m a big fan of mixing sweet and savory flavors, so when I saw bacon and pickled figs, I had to get it. The burger consists of 1/3 lb Painted Hills Natural Beef, 2 thick-cut pieces of bacon, Boat Street pickled figs, mayo, and crumbled gorgonzola.

When I got the burger, it looked amazing; the pickled figs almost looked like caramelized onions, that have been cooking for hours! The bacon draped over the patty and the gorgonzola cheese oozing from the sides.

The first bite was amazing, not what I was expecting. The balance of sweet and tart from the figs and gorgonzola really worked with the burger. Since the burger was really greasy and heavy (in a good way), the tartness and sweetness from the cheese and figs really helped make the burger feel lighter. The saltiness of the bacon helped bring the burger together by balancing out all the different flavors. The crispiness of the bacon helped add texture to the burger and worked really well with the creamy gorgonzola. Since this was such a rich burger, I felt that all the flavors were really bold and could over-power your palate.

Overall, this unique burger took a risk and it paid off. It’s difficult to make a really good sweet and savory burger, but Li’l Woody’s pulled it off. I’m giving the Li’l Woody’s Fig and the Pig 3.5 stars!

Burger 3.5 Star


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