Washington Beer Open House

WABOHHave you ever wanted to get a look behind the scenes of your favorite brewery? Well thanks to the Washington Beer Commission you’re in luck! This Saturday (Noon – 5PM, 2/21) is Washington Beer Open House, a day where our favorite Washington breweries lift the veil to give us a look at their craft. Many of the breweries will be giving tours, releasing special beers, sharing barrel aged goodies, pulling some classics out of the cellar, offering food pairings, and a whole bunch of other surprises. Whether you’re visiting your favorite brewery or going to check out some place totally new, it is truly a great opportunity to learn more about the beer community and all the work that goes into making your favorite libation. This event happens only once a year so you most definitely do not want to miss this! 

The participating brewery list can be found here along with their plans for the day. 

Some more information on the event:

The Washington Beer Commission invites you to visit some of our state’s many innovative, esteemed, and downright friendly craft brewers on Saturday, February 21, 2015 from 12:00 noon-5:00 PM.

Participating brewers have some tasty treats in store for you—ranging from rare barrel tastings and new seasonal releases to savory food pairings and other unique surprises.

This is a unique / once-a-year opportunity to:

-GRAB YOUR FRIENDS and make a day of it
-HEAD OUT to a new neighborhood or town you’ve never visited
-LOOK AROUND your local brew house
-SNEAK a PEEK at the cellar tanks
-MEET the BREWERS behind some of your favorite WA brews
-SAMPLE their unique fermented creations
-TAKE HOME some souvenirs
-TWEET your trip > #WAbeerOH

The Washington Beer Commission reminds you to drink responsibly. 
Designate a driver or take public transportation.

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