Drop Everything! Top Pot and Lil Woody’s made a Doughtnut Burger!

top pot burgerDo you really need to waste your time reading this article? Top Pot, Lil Woody’s, Doughnut Burger…… GO! No, seriously, put down your computer, tablet, phone, whatever you’re using to read this article and go get one now before they’re gone! 

But if you’ve continued to ignore us, here is a little more info to whet your appetite:

This Top Pot – Lil Woody’s flavor creation is composed of a Top Pot Doughnut bun with marshmallow creme, bacon, cheese, burger patty, and peanut butter sandwiched in between. 

If that doesn’t cause your mouth to salivate then I don’t know what will.

Keep in mind, this burger won’t last long. Just as with the Lil Woody’s and Beecher’s – Mac & Cheese Burger, it is a limited time only creation. The Top Pot Doughnut Burger will be gone Monday (2/23). 

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