Outer Planet to Join Seattle’s Brewery Galaxy

Outer Planet’s sign ready to welcome visitors

Considering all the breweries that have sprouted up in recent years around Seattle, and the numerous options for food and drink in Capitol Hill, it seems strange to think that there was no small craft brewery up on the Hill. Well that is about to change. After months of anticipation, Outer Planet Brewing is set to open their doors to the public for the first time this afternoon at (4:30PM, 2/20). A nano-brewery in the ground floor of a micro-housing development, it seems like the perfect fit for CH. 

Getting a taste of the IPA and Oatmeal Brown
Getting a taste of the IPA and Oatmeal Brown

All of the planning, construction (converting a two story living space into a street level brewery), and other necessary certifications and inspections that go into the opening of a small craft brewery are but a part of the story of Outer Planet. The co-founders Renato Martins (an engineer by trade, and an amateur homebrewer who readily admits that his only successful brews came while following a recipe) and Jim Stoccardo (an artist whose works adorn the walls of the taproom, and previously an avid homebrewer) met via Jim’s brother. Renato and Jim’s brother worked together at Microsoft and used to spend some of their free time hiking together. One afternoon some of Jim’s homebrew Pale Ale and Belgian came along for the climb. After making it to the summit they opened up the beers while resting. Renato was so impressed that, not long after, he and Jim got together and the idea of Outer Planet was born. Martins now handles the business side of the operation while Jim is set to provide his awesome beer for all of us to enjoy. 

IPA, ESB, Oatmeal Brown, and Bohemian Pilsner
IPA, ESB, Oatmeal Brown, and Bohemian Pilsner

Last night we, along with other members of the craftbeer news community, had the opportunity to preview Outer Planet’s wares. In all, we sampled their: IPA, ESB, Oatmeal Brown, Bohemian Pilsner, Imperial Stout, and Barleywine. All of which we found extremely impressive. My personal favorites were the IPA, Oatmeal Brown, and Imperial Stout. 

The fact that their first offerings were so well crafted should come as no surprise. Martins told us that Stoccardo is meticulous in his work, viewing it no differently than his artwork. His expectations of himself and his brew are so high that during preparation he dumped 10 barrels of beer down the drain for not meeting his standards. 10 barrels of beer is no small amount to these guys when you consider that they’re brewing on a truly small system, 3 barrel brew system with two 6 barrel fermenters, and plan to brew 24 barrels per month as they get started. 

The fantastic Imperial Stout
The fantastic Imperial Stout

Initially, Outer Planet will be open Thursday through Saturday beginning at 4:30 each day. They hope to expand their days/hours as things get going. Pints of Outer Planet will cost $6 for standards and $8+ for imperials and special/limited beers. 

Outer Planet can be found at: 1812 12th Ave #100, Seattle, WA, 98122

Keep up with them at www.outerplanetbrewing.com and the Outer Planet Facebook Page.


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