SBW 2015 – Day 1 Events

SBW7Well folks, it’s time, we’re inside of 24 hours to the best “week” (May 7th-17th) of the year. The 7th incarnation of Seattle Beer Week will be full of so many events your head might start to spin. Don’t worry, we’ll be there to guide you through all of the events you won’t want to miss. In addition to our list of suggested events, we will be bringing you comprehensive rundowns of some of the the day’s best festivities.

So let’s go ahead and look at what’s in store for tomorrow:

The Official Pre-funk Kickoff Party at 3:00PM at The Pine Box:

This is the official party before the party. Head on over to The Pine Box for a few pints before marching up to Elysian Capitol Hill for the official Seattle Beer Week 2014 keg tapping.

5PM – Beer Week Kickoff Stop #1 at Rhein Haus:

At 5pm sharp, the first keg of the official beer of Seattle Beer Week, Sieben Brau, will be tapped in grand Seattle Beer Week fashion!

6:30PM – Beer Week Kickoff Stop #2 at Beveridge Place Pub:

Head on over to one of West Seattle’s best pubs for a special cask of Sieben Brau.

8PM – Beer Week Kickoff Stop #3 at Brouwer’s Cafe:

The third stop on our journey takes us to the heart of Fremont, Brouwer’s Cafe. With 64 handles, you are sure to find a tasty beverage! Maybe nosh on some frites!

9PM – Beer Week Kickoff Stop #4 at The Noble Fir:

This stop of the SBW bus tour will feature 2013 and 2014 vintages of Silver City Imperial Stout and the 2014 release of Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Enjoy these three big beers with a Sieben Brau beer back!

Full beer list: Sieben Brau, Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, Oak Aged Fat Woody, The Giant Made of Shadows, St. Florian, Bottle Pours of Le Fat Sour

9:45PM – Final Kickoff Stop at Naked City Taphouse:

The final stop finds us once again at the fantastic Greenwood institution, Naked City, where a celebration of the many breweries within Seattle city limits will be taking place. Wood aged and odd one-offs to be expected.

In addition to the kickoff parade there are a couple other events worth checking out tomorrow, including:

6PM – Seattle Proper at Naked City Taphouse:

The finest wood-aged and deliciously odd beers brewed inside the Seattle city limits. And for extra special treats, Don Webb brewed an amazing 8 collaboration beers for Seattle Beer Week! Many of them will be on tap tonight for a special sneak preview.

6PM – Seattle Cask-o-rama at Beveridge Place Pub:

Twenty Seattle breweries, twenty casks on the bartop!


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