SBW Day 4 – Cheers to Mom!

Here's to my mother, enjoying a pint at Geaux Brewing.
Here’s to my mother, enjoying a pint at Geaux Brewing.

As is the case every Seattle Beer Week, we come to the juncture of beer week events and Mother’s Day. How does one handle their responsibilities as a good son or daughter? Do we abandon SBW events for the day? Thankfully the good people that plan this awesome yearly event figured this one out for us. Today features a number of events with mom in mind!

10AM – Mother’s Day Brunch at Burgundian:

Take Mom out for a lovely Mother’s Day Brunch. Special menu and cocktails plus a few other subtle surprises that Mom is sure to love.

2PM – Hoppy Drinks on Tiny Links Pt. 4:

Ninkasi’s Hoppy Drinks on the Tiny Links Pt. 4: The Reckoning Cost: $12 gets you a round of mini golf and beer samples from 6 breweries! At Interbay Golf Center.

5PM – Iron Brewer Triple Header:

WE choose the secret ingredient, THEY brew the beer, YOU decide the winner! Takes place at Beveridge Place Pub.

8PM MOTHER’S DAY PSYCHO W/ DJ NICFIT at Naked City Taphouse:

Looking for some alternate programming? Chill out and catch up on some beers while DJ Nicfit spins the wheels of steel in a live soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock’s Mother’s Day classic film, Psycho. Enjoy full table service and a selection of SBW beers in the Screening Room during the film.


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