Bodacious Beverages Brewfest – Tap List

Beveridge_Place_Pub1What a BODACIOUS way to spend the last Friday of Seattle Beer Week 2015: 

Beveridge Place Pub’s Bodacious Beverages Brewfest! 

As many unusual beers as they can come up with – odd ones, rare ones, new ones, etc.  Barrel-aged brews, sour beers, hoppy beers, fruit & spice beers, and dessert beers!

Here’s the tap list of all the offerings for today’s event:

Tart & Tangy

  •  Mikkeller Spontanrosehip
  •  Anacortes Broken Link Sour
  •  Everybody’s Sprinkles
  •  Stupid Silly Sour
  •  Stoup Sour #1 Berliner Weisse

Fruit & Spice

  •  Alaskan Cranberry Spruce
  •  Dogfish Head Raison D’Extra
  •  Great Divide Peach Grand Cru
  •  Lompoc Black & Blue
  •  Black Raven Kitty Kat Blues

 Roll Out the Barrel

  •  Boundary Bay Cabernet Scotch
  •  Foggy Noggin F5 Lagavulin Anniversary
  •  Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout
  •  Laurelwood Brandy Barrel Moose and Squirrel Stout
  •  Valholl Barrel-aged Stout

Distinctively Hoppy

  •  Outlander Triple IPA
  •  The Hop Concept Citrus and Piney IPA
  •  Sierra Nevada No Middle Ground Imperial Coffee IPA
  •  Sound Brewery Redonkulous Triple IPA
  •  Lazy Boy Triple IPA

 Decadent Desserts

  •  Brewdog Cocoa Psycho Imperial Stout
  •  E9/DeGarde Deus Ex Machina Imperial Stout
  •  Perennial Abraxas Imperial Stout
  •  Southern Tier Crème Brulee
  •  Bainbridge Island Orange Brewlius IPA

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