SBW – Day 10 Events – The Penultimate

SBW7Well, friends, we’re hitting that melancholy point in the 2015 Seattle Beer Week. It’s the final weekend. In short order we’ll be waiting nearly another whole year for the fun to begin again. So enjoy it while it lasts! 

Here are some of the top events for today:

10AM – Brewer’s Breakfast at Burgundian:

Brewer’s from near and far will be sitting down for what Burgundian does best: Breakfast. Each brewer will bring a specialty beer from their brewery.

Breweries Include: Sound Brewing, Backwoods Brewing, Pike Brewing, The Ram Brewery, Epic Ales, Melvin Brewing, Ballast Point Brewing, and Fremont Brewing

12PM – 3rd Annual Rye Fest at Reuben’s Brews:

Our annual celebration of rye beers! We anticipate over 15 rye beers on tap this year. Cheers!

2PM – Alpha Afternoon at The Pine Box:

Boneyard, Backwoods, Epic, Everbody’s Brewing, E9, Midnight Sun, & Trinity will all be hanging out with great beers and good times! Brought together by Alpha Distributing.

3PM – Big Naked Washers Tourney at Naked City Taphouse:

It’s up to YOU to make sure Don and Isaac don’t defend their crown! Big Time Brewing and Naked City Brewing present the Second Annual Big Naked Washers Tournament, featuring a collaboration brew, Naked Time, from Naked City and Big Time. The game of brewers is meant to be played with a beer in hand, and there’s no better place to imbibe outdoors than the Walrus Beer Garden at Naked City. The Big Naked Washers Tournament invites brewers, beer folk, and all friendly people with a hankering to throw some washers or heckle from the peanut gallery. All breweries with a team in the tournament will have a special beer on tap in the Walrus Beer Garden. More Brews and Breweries to be announced.

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