Stoup Brewing hosts Climb For a Cause – Mt. Rainier Fundraiser

Climb for a CauseMost of you know how much we love to spend time in one of the many state or national parks Washington has to offer. There are few things comparable to the awe-inspiring views with which we are rewarded at the end of every hike or climb around the state. Which are even more striking since we’re originally from New Jersey. 

Now we know what you’re thinking, “This is a site about craft beer and burgers. Why are you talking about hiking and climbing?”

Well, many of you are also aware that another one of our favorite things is to combine our love (and consumption) of craft beer with support of a great cause! …… See where we’re going with this?

This upcoming Tuesday (7/14, 6PM), Stoup Brewing in conjunction with REI‘s Mt. Rainier Climbing team and RAMROD team will be hosting a fundraiser benefiting the Washington National Parks Fund in support of Mt. Rainier Search and Rescue.

What is the Washington National Parks Fund? 

Washington state is home to 3 National Parks: Mt. Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades.

National Parks rely on federal funding for maintenance and management. Unfortunately, due to insufficient federal support, many important projects and aspects of the parks cannot be taken care of as they should. This leads to: closed recreation areas, improperly maintained roadways, shorter visitor center hours, etc.

This is where the WNPF comes to the rescue. Gaps in funding can be filled via donations and two major fundraisers: Climb for a Cause and RAMROD.

Monies raised via donations and fundraisers go towards improving the visitor experience, growing park volunteerism and stewardship, providing for science and research beneficial to the park and wildlife, and towards youth and family programs.

Here’s a short video about the Washington National Park Fund:

What are Climb for a Cause and RAMROD

Mt. Rainier REI
2014 REI Mt. Rainier Climbing Team

Each year, employees from REI raise funds for Washington’s National Parks by
partnering with climbing guides from Alpine Ascents, International Mountain Guides, and Rainier Mountaineering to climb that majestic peak that highlights our skyline. Lastyear the climbs raised over $140,000 for WNPF. Let’s beat it this year!

Put on by the Redmond Cycling Club, RAMROD (Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day) is the PNW’s premiere ultra-marathon cycling event. It covers 168 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing! Riders, like climbers, raise funds via donations by friends, family, and colleagues.

Not all of us are cut out to climb a mountain or participate in an ultra-marathon cycling event. So how can you help?

Drink Awesome Beer – $1 from each pint sold will be donated to the Washington National Parks Fund in support of Mt. Rainier Search and Rescue.

Eat Tasty Food – Peasant Food Manifesto will be on hand serving up some of their delicious food and donating 10% of their proceeds.

Enter Raffle and Win Sweet Gear – Grab some raffle tickets (only $1, or 25 tickets for $20) and win some awesome gear and other items, including a Wahoo Fitness Trainer.

Stickers! – Everyone needs stickers, be it for your growler, water bottle, or snowboard. So grab some 2015 Rainier stickers for only $3 bucks and slap ’em on!

So if you love spending time in our National Parks (or if you just love great beer) then head on over to Stoup next Tuesday (7/14) and eat some good food, drink some great beer, and support a fantastic cause! 


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