Celebrate Three Years of Outlander Brewing!

Outlander 3 yearThere is a particular charm to Outlander. It starts with the first step up the stairs onto the porch of what one might mistake for their grandparents’ house. Then it continues with a walk through an old foyer along slightly creaking floorboards to the small bar area (likely part of the original kitchen) where one can order a pint. It all culminates when one settles on a cozy, well broken-in, arm chair to enjoy aforementioned pint. In Outlander there is something comfortable, familiar, and slightly evocative that envelops you while you’re there. To us, it is one of the most pleasant settings in which to enjoy a (great) beer in the entire city.

Aside from the aesthetic, Outlander has strongly established itself in our robust Seattle beer market by producing some of the most innovative and interesting beers you can find in the area. From their Goats and Roses (brewed with horny goat weed and rose petals), Smoke Fire IPA (with Trinidad scorpion peppers), or Imperial Cricket Stout (with real roasted crickets), Outlander continues to push the bounds and defy the norm. While they certainly make some fantastic “standard” beers as well, it’s these expectation shattering brews that keep us thirsty for more.

This weekend Outlander is celebrating their third anniversary with special beer releases, live music, and delicious food. Festivities start when the doors open on Friday (7/31, 4PM) and last through Sunday (8/2). So head on over and raise a glass to Outlander and 3 years of amazing beer! 

Full event details and event page:

Join us as Outlander Brewery and Pub celebrate our third year of brewing awesome beer and delivery great service. This year’s anniversary is going to be the biggest, consisting of 3 days of jam-packed festivities! There will be live music (DJs and bands), free food (hog roast, brats and appetizers), several special beer releases (Imp. Red Flanders, Honey Grapefruit Ginger, etc.) and more. So join us July 31st, August 1st, and 2nd for ridiculously good times. We’ll be posting a schedule of events as things further develop. Share this with your friends, and hope to see you there. Cheers!

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